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Red Sox Ticket Information

Group Tickets

Plan your outing for your group of 20 or more to America's Most Beloved Ballpark!


Tickets are available for just $9 with your high school or college student ID!

Green Monster Seats

An experience like none other - take in a Red Sox game from atop the Green Monster.

Season Tickets

Join the Red Sox Season Ticket Waitlist to secure your opportunity to be part of the action at Fenway for seasons to come!

Double Play Pax

Get your tickets to some of the most highly sought-after games in 2015! Choose a Yankee game and another summer game to create your Double Play Pax today.

Military Tickets

Specially priced tickets are available for service members and their families.

Red Sox Destinations

2015 Regular Season Trips are available now. Don't miss your Red Sox on the road or at Fenway!

Premium Season Tickets

Looking to upgrade your Season Ticket experience? Learn about the premium seating options at Fenway.

Season Ticket Partner Board

We've made it easier than ever to post your extra tickets or buy into a Season Ticket sharing group.