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Retired Numbers

Wade Boggs - #12
Wade Boggs
  • Wade Boggs has an outstanding .328 lifetime batting average and won 5 batting titles during his legendary career. On August 7, 1999 Wade Boggs became an elite member of the 3,000 hit club when he homered of Cleveland's Chris Haney at Tropicana Field. Wade Boggs retired as a Devil Ray in 1999 and served as the team's hitting coach through the 2001 season.
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Jackie Robinson - #42
Jackie Robinson
  • In 1947, Jackie Robinson integrated American sports by breaking baseball's color barrier. He overcame numerous obstacles off the field, and he helped lead the Brooklyn Dodgers to six pennants and one World Series Championship. In recognition of his legacy, his number has been retired "in perpetuity", never to be worn again in the Major Leagues.
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