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Community Baseball Center

Pirates Charities partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania, the Baseball Tomorrow Fund and the Roberto Clemente Foundation to reenergize a community facility that was previously unusable for more than five years.

The complex has been transformed from a dilapidated indoor swimming pool into a state-of-the-art, year-round youth baseball and softball training facility.

pool picture
batting cages picture

The indoor complex, which has been renamed the Pirates Community Baseball Center, now features enclosed batting cages, automatic pitching machines, two multi-media training rooms, storage facilities, baseball and softball equipment and more.

The Pirates Community Baseball Center has made a widespread positive impact on youth throughout the region by giving them a place to focus on productive activities and positive interaction with their peers and coaches.

Renovation Details

Construction called for interior demolition and complete renovation including new electrical and mechanical systems, new restrooms and plumbing systems, and new heating/air-conditioning systems.

Renovation Layout
Layout plan
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Covering Costs

The project cost an estimated $300,000 to complete. The following is a breakdown of the monetary support given by each respective organization:

  • Pirates Charities - $165,000
  • The Roberto Clemente Foundation - $75,000
  • The Baseball Tomorrow Fund, a joint initiative between Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association - $60,000

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