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The Yankees Inside Experience

The Yankees Inside Experience The Yankees Inside Experience The Yankees Inside Experience The Yankees Inside Experience The Yankees Inside Experience

Inside Experience Testimonials

- My son and I had a wonderful time.

- I thank you and everyone involved for a terrific "experience" at Yankee Stadium. It was so good, in fact, that my son is already bugging me to take him back to Yankee Stadium for more ball games and another "Experience." That, to me, is the one thing that makes this a great event.

- This exceeded my expectations. Your staff could not be better. Meeting Joe Girardi up close and personal is a once in a lifetime experience.

- Very well organized and professionally run program.

- It was well organized and informative. The staff did a very nice job. Overall, I enjoyed my trip and the experience.

- My son (17 year old) told me that meeting Brian Cashman was the highlight of our "Experience" and the highlight of our birthday weekend in NYC. Mr. Cashman gave my son great advice in pursuing a career in sports business.

- I really enjoyed this event and will recommend it to anyone who asks me about it.

- It was a great experience, especially be able to go into the dugout and meeting ballplayer Chase Headley.

- My future husband says "It was the best experience I've ever had as a diehard Yankee fan". For myself, even as a person who's not that into sports, it was great, very enjoyable.

- We highly recommend to anyone!!!

- It was awesome!

- The whole Inside Experience was an especially amazing highlight for me. It was a great surprise of the Yankees welcoming me on the scoreboard. I will definitely recommend this to family and friends and hopefully I will get to experience it again in the future.

- Excellent staff that was very helpful and knowledgeable.

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- Overall it was a very enjoyable experience that created some awesome memories.

- Glad we were able to do it for my brother. It was easy to set-up and organize.

- We had a great time and will definitely participate again!

- Everyone was awesome.

- First class treatment the whole way!

- After the whole day my 84 year old uncle said, 'Let's do this again next weekend.' You made my uncle's day, week, and year! Thank you for a great day!

- It was a once in a lifetime experience that we would like to do again.

- The event and game were the highlight of our trip. We came 2,800 miles away just for this event!

- The Inside Experience staff could not be any more helpful and willing to take pictures. Meeting Chris Stewart was a great experience; he was an excellent representative of the Yankees organization. Thank you!

- Very nice, informative, and helpful staff that represented the Yankees Organization well. This was my third experience that my wife and I attended.

- The tour guide and museum curator were excellent.

- My husband couldn't stop raving!

- I enjoyed our tour guide and the staff was very friendly.

- The staff was great. Everything was very well planned and executed. I am looking forward to the email with the link to the pictures. This was a once in a lifetime experience.

- I will be back to do it again. Best day ever!

- I was late for registration, but the staff was very helpful in getting my son and me all souvenirs available.

- I had the best time!

- Everyone was wonderful. The aide that helped my father get around the park was perfect. He was so nice and made his day very special.

- Awesome program and I would do it again.

- The New York Yankees organization is huge; thus I was surprisingly overwhelmed by the personal touch. Lesley and all represented the Yankees exceedingly well.

- Everything was very nice and went very smooth.

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- My wife stated it was the best Valentine's Day gift ever; except for my wedding proposal!!!

- Great program to introduce baseball fans and visitors to NYC. One guest was from the area but not a fan of baseball - and she loved the day because of The Inside Experience.

- Thank you for making Yankee Stadium real to me. I only had the concept of what it was. Now that I have seen it, it is alive. I will never forget Munson's Locker. What a great man. As Yankee fans, we are fortunate we had the opportunity to have him on our team.

- Cory Wade was wonderful throughout the whole Q+A, signing, and picture process. Trivia game was great time filler. Also really appreciated that the staff took pictures - can't wait to see them.

- It was great; it was a present for my son's 16th birthday and he adored it - "Best day of my life" he said!!

- Everyone was very good. David Robertson #30 was amazing and well spoken, down to Earth guy.

- The staff "Picture Takers" was a good idea. It moved the process alongÂ…to increase Q+A time

- Excellent event! Would do it again! Very professional organization.

- Thank you for providing The Inside Experience to the fans, your hard work is appreciated

- Yankee Stadium is the ultimate place for The Inside Experience. So much history.

- I had the time of my life and I will be participating in more of these in the future. Great job! Thank You! Go Yankees.

- This was a fantastic tour - Yankee pride evident throughout and elite service. Thank You!

- High compliments. The staff made the experience.

- This was a retirement present to my wife, we enjoyed the day very much, Thank you.

- Very organized, priced right. Your team's attitude drove the quality; they made everyone of us feel special.

- We consider The Inside Experience a special once-in-a-lifetime event.

- Great experience, kids had fun, and Eric Chavez was excellent.

- All staff was friendly and highly efficient. They seem to all take pride in their jobs. It was wonderful to meet Eric Chavez. The pre-signed baseballs saved time and the staff guided the line so professionally!

- Wonderful, delightful, all encompassing Experience! Great to enjoy memorabilia of past players. Excellent, enthusiastic knowledgeable guide. Trivia presenter could be slightly briefer. Surprised to have such a tasty, beautifully presented, dining experience. Thank you - Go Yankees!

- We had a wonderful time and our hosts were just great. Can't think of anything to change. We will definitely come back next year if our schedule permits. Thanks!

- Great experience! The only other area we would've liked to visit is the player's locker room; however, it is quite understandable why we could not due to game day.

- It was a 1st class event put on by a 1st class staff and a 1st class team! Very well done!!!

- I have been a Yankee fan since 1959. This was a wonderful gift from my wife to share with one of my children, was a dream come true.

- I think it was an excellent! Worth every penny and made me so proud of my team!

- The food was great - our tour guide was excellent. I think keeping the groups small was great for the tours.

- Thank you for doing this for the fans. We all like to be close to our team. Thank you for the players' participation. We know they are at work, yet take time for us.

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July 9th - Yankee Stadium

- "Thanks for putting together by far the greatest day of my life, and a day I will remember for the rest of my life. You were all fantastic and everything was put together very well? I really you all keep this program going for years to come because I will definitely keep coming back."

- "David Robertson was very personal and we were there for hit 3,000, can't improve on that!"

- "Overall the experience was amazing. Great work by all."

- "I plan on making this a yearly event so please keep it going"

August 6th - Fenway Park

- "Your staff did a great job and were very friendly."

- "Eric and I wanted to thank you for the excellent experience that we had Saturday at Fenway Park and that is only because of what you organized."

August 13th - Yankee Stadium

- "You even helped me planning our weekend visit to NYC - hotel, subway info - all excellent!"

"This was our son's 16th birthday present - At the end our son said "best day of his life!"

- "Enjoyed the day tremendously! Thanks to everyone for making it a special day including Eduardo Nunez!"

- "Very professional, accommodating, patient and knowledgeable"

- "It was a great birthday present, DJ recognized for 3000 hits ceremony and Yankees win!"

September 3rd - Yankee Stadium

- "Thank you, thank you, thank you! We had a great time! It was totally worth a trip to NY. Thanks for the photos. Looks like everyone had fun."

"This was a dream come true for me. Thanks!! Loved it!!

- "Staff was fantastic- polite, knowledgeable and attentive (everything you would expect from the Yankees organization)."

- "Tickets to the game were fantastic! Thank you!"

- "The staff around the Stadium is first class. Thank you for this opportunity!"

September 25th - Yankee Stadium

- "We all had a great experience. My son is a Make-A-Wish child waiting for a kidney transplant; 11 years old. He said he wants to go to Yankee Stadium again. It was just nice to see him so happy that day. Thank you."

- "Thank you for a great time!"

- "They (staff) were fantastic! Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves as well, all with smiles"

- "Extremely pleased with the customer service -top notch all the way."

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