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09/05/12 10:17 PM ET

Valentine addresses emotional remarks on radio

SEATTLE -- Bobby Valentine caused a stir with an emotional interview with a Boston radio show earlier Wednesday. WEEI host Glenn Ordway asked the Red Sox skipper whether or not he had "checked out," which prompted Valentine to laugh and respond with, "If I was there right now, I'd punch you right in the mouth."

Valentine addressed the media prior to Wednesday's game, and maintained that he meant it in a joking manner.

"Yes, I -- didn't I go 'Ha ha'? I think I did," Valentine said. "I don't think that physical violence is necessary for 60-year-old people."

Even though he was kidding, Valentine admitted he was trying to get a message across.

"I think it made the point, though, that there are lines that should be drawn in the sand when someone is trying to be professional and sounding unprofessional," he said. "It's better to be abrupt and then let everyone know you're kidding."

During the radio interview, Valentine was also irked with writers who claimed that the skipper arrived late to last Saturday's game at Oakland. He addressed it during the pregame interview, where only squeaks from leather couches often broke several moments of silence.

Valentine again explained how he wanted to see his son before the night game in San Francisco for just the second time this year. His son's flight was late and Valentine made a stop at the team hotel before getting to Oakland Coliseum. He ended up getting caught in traffic due to an accident on the highway.

"When you talk about someone's family and you talk about someone's integrity, you draw the line of what should be done in the workplace," he said.

He reemphasized again Wednesday afternoon that his 4:04 p.m. arrival was a "little later than normal," but not late. Moreover, Valentine said he was curious as to why no one asked him about his situation before reporting that he was late to the ballpark.

Later in the radio interview Valentine said Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon regularly arrives around 4 p.m. as well. Maddon, whose Rays hosted the Yankees on Wednesday night, poked fun at the situation on Twitter.

"Apologies to the writers for being late to today's pregame session. My pedicure appointment ran a little late," Maddon said via his Twitter account.

Maddon also was asked about Valentine's comments prior to the Rays game on Wednesday.

"I'm very flattered by the whole thing. It's very amusing," the Rays skipper said. "I'm amused by the moment and it's flattering that somebody would include me in that conversation."

In terms of when he arrives at the ballpark, Maddon said: "It varies by the day. I'm here in plenty of time."

Back in Seattle, Valentine made it clear that anyone who questions his work ethic and dedication to the team needs to look at his involvement this season. He said he started the job Dec. 3, began working one day later and took only two days off during the winter for Christmas. Valentine said he arrived two weeks early to Spring Training and has taken two days off since then.

"If that's enough work for anyone who is writing about my commitment, that's all I have," he said. "Every day, all day."

Valentine told WEEI that this season was "miserable," and was asked about that again in the manager's office in Seattle. He said he doesn't like talking about his emotions and feelings, but that this season has "been a little misery, yeah."

"It's been very trying," he said. "There have been lots of obstacles in my way and I think I've jumped them and sometimes been knocked down by them. Just doing as good as I can do, all day long."

Worth noting

• Red Sox pitchers have had their way against Seattle this season, posting an 1.48 ERA in eight games vs. the Mariners. It's their lowest mark in a season series of at least six games since 1921.

• Dustin Pedroia entered Wednesday night's game on a 15-game hit streak, the longest active streak in the Majors. During that run, he's hit .393 with two homers and eight RBIs.

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