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03/26/12 1:41 PM ET

Ask the Sox tweets with Mark Melancon

Melancon: Hey guys, I'm ready to answer some questions! This Twitter thing is new to me so hang with me. #AsktheSox

Tweet: Since this game is 90% mental what do you (melancon) do to prepare mentally?

Melancon: Baseball is definitely a mental game and when you're struggling it becomes even more mental. #AsktheSox

Melancon: I am a firm believer in hard work and preparation to give you confidence to succeed. #AsktheSox

Tweet: #AskTheSox what is it like wearing the Boston uniform? Best sox memory to date?

Melancon: Boston was my second favorite team growing up behind my hometown team (Rockies). I am thrilled to be with the SOX! #AskTheSox

Melancon: I debuted April '09 at Fenway playing for the Yanks. Gives me goosebumps to think about pitching at Fenway w the right uniform on #AskTheSox

Tweet: @RedSox #AskTheSox Mark, what does it mean to you being the closer of a last place team, to becomming a bullpen asset for a contending team?

Melancon: Fortunate to get great experience in Houston. Now it's go time in Beantown! #AskTheSox

Tweet: How does it feel to be part of the Red Sox being originally from the Yankees organization... #AskTheSox

Melancon: Not too many guys get to play for both sides and enjoy the rivalry from both dugouts. Feel privileged to do both. #AskTheSox

Tweet: @RedSox and what was reaction when you landed with the sox #askthesox

Melancon: Totally shocked & ecstatic at same time. Wife told me the news & by look on her face I was just happy 2 b alive! She was excited! #AskTheSox

Tweet: Whats the first thing you want to try/do in Boston? #AskTheSox

Melancon: Jacoby has been telling me about the food in the North End! Love to eat...

Tweet: @RedSox #askthesox hey mark what is your favorite out pitch and how long did it take you to learn it

Melancon: I have always had a good curveball, but it's constantly being practiced and tweaked to make sure it's the best pitch capable. #AskTheSox

Tweet: #AsktheSox how do you guys eat healthy when on the road so much?

Melancon: Eating healthy is a huge part of our success. It's not always easy in a city with such great food like B-town. Discipline is key #AskTheSox

Melancon: Thank you guys! I hope I explained well enough. Looking forward to winning a World Series this year. GO SOX #AskTheSox

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