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12/16/11 3:20 PM EST

Ask the Sox tweets with Bobby V

Bobby: Hey it's Bobby, I'm here ready for your #AsktheSox tweets, fire away

Tweet: @RedSox #askthesox hey Bobby make room for Varitek!

Bobby: Jason's been a great person in and out of uniform. Talks are continuing and hopefully all will work out for the best. #AsktheSox

Tweet: @RedSox #AsktheSox Can #sox's fans expect the championship caliber sox's we are used to? Can you tell the players are excited for new season

Bobby: Players I've talked to are extremely excited. We want to start ASAP and will strive for the excellence you deserve. #AsktheSox

Tweet: #askthesox @RedSox what will happen in Stamford public safety now that you are with red sox?

Bobby: I resigned my position on December 1 and the Mayor is in the process of appointing a replacement. #AsktheSox

Tweet: @RedSox #AsktheSox Bobby V what kind of pressure will you be under and is it going to be any different than managing you've done

Bobby: Everything is new and exciting. Pressure occurs when you're not prepared and I will do my best with preparation. #AsktheSox

Tweet: #askthesox Bobby V, how will u help get carl crawford back on track this year?

Bobby: Carl's great athleticism and baseball ability will be the things that get him back on track. #AsktheSox

Tweet: Should there be a big hype over Yu Darvish? I remember the last japanese pitcher I got excited for @RedSox #AsktheSox

Bobby: He's a world class pitcher. He should perform well in MLB. #AsktheSox

Tweet: Coach, who is your frontrunner for closer? Also, have you talked with Dustin Pedroia? He is the heart and soul of this club. #AskTheSox

Bobby: I talked to Dustin. His enthusiasm made my week. #AsktheSox

Tweet: @RedSox Bobby, is there a plan to bring "The Bobby Burger" to one of the local restaurants? It looks delicious!! #AskTheSox

Bobby: No plans for doing anything in the restaurant business other than spending my money at Remy's. #AsktheSox

Tweet: @RedSox #AsktheSox Hey Bobby V! What are your biggest concerns heading into the season? Starting pitching, middle relief or run production?

Bobby: At this time of the year, all facets of the team are my concerns. I'm very excited to watch all the pieces come together. #AsktheSox

Tweet: @RedSox As a hitter, what were Bobby's thoughts when he came to bat and saw the Green Monster? #AsktheSox

Bobby: A hitter must eliminate all distractions. Often the Green Monster was a distraction for me. #AsktheSox

Bobby: Thanks for these questions, everyone. I'm finally getting through all the emails and #WelcomeBobbyV messages. Let's go Sox! #AsktheSox

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