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09/16/11 9:19 PM ET

Ask the Sox tweets with Jacoby Ellsbury

Jacoby: Hey, it's Jacoby. Let's get going answering some questions! #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox Where did the opposite field power come from? #AsktheSox

Jacoby: Just being in a good balanced position to hit in. #askthesox

Tweet: Have you ever been clocked running? What's the fastest speed you have gotten? #askthesox

Jacoby: Baseball does a 60 yard sprint from a baseball start. I've been clocked at 6.2 seconds. #askthesox

Tweet: #AsktheSox @RedSox @JacobyEllsbury did you like the bday sign in center field while you were at the Trop in FL

Jacoby: Yeah, that was great! I saw that sign in center. #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox #askthesox Ells you've done your part! What's your favorite ballpark to play in?

Jacoby: Definitely Fenway, but other than that Camden Yards. We get tons of fans down there, and I like hitting there. #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox @JacobyEllsbury hey, Jacoby. just wanted to ask...did u have any favorite athletes growing up? #AsktheSox

Jacoby: Ken Griffey Jr. and Michael Jordan, just to name a couple. #askthesox

Tweet: #AsktheSox what was it like hitting a walk off single, then a walk off homer in consecutive games?

Jacoby: It was such a great feeling, something I'll never forget! #askthesox

Tweet: #Askthesox Would you rather hit a homerun or make a game saving web gem out in the field?

Jacoby: It's too hard to choose - I'll take either! Both result in wins. #askthesox

Jacoby: I prepare for each game the same. When I'm prepared, I feel confident, and that allows me to be on top of my game. #askthesox

Tweet: #askthesox what's your best advice for high school players who want to be the best they can be?

Jacoby: Stay focused, believe in yourself and work hard. #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox You and Reddick jump in the air together after games... what made you guys start doing that? #askthesox

Jacoby: We just started doing that after wins. We plan on doing it tonight. #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox,, hey @JacobyEllsbury what is your favorite sport, other then baseball? Favorite athlete? #askthesox

Jacoby: Probably football. I've got my fantasy football league going on right now. We are 1-0. Jed and I play Pedroia and Salty this week!...

Jacoby: Thanks everyone for all the great questions, now it's time to get ready for the game! Don't forget to follow me @JacobyEllsbury

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