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09/02/11 9:01 PM ET

Ask the Sox tweets with Josh Reddick

Josh: Josh Reddick is ready to roll ... send your questions using #askthesox!

Tweet: #AsktheSox big sox fan here in Ohio. Are you growing a mullet?

Josh: Not so much as growing a mullet. Just keeping the flow of good hair and sticking with what works. #askthesox

Tweet: #AsktheSox I've noticed you've changed your entrance song a few times this season -- is that for luck? How do you pick your song?

Josh: I like to mix things up quite a bit when it comes to walkout music. I'm a huge WWE fan so wrestling music is a favorite of mine. #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox what kind of colorful conversation does he hear from the fans when playing right at Fenway? #AskTheSox

Josh: No conversations. Just cheering and yelling mostly. It's fun out there. #askthesox

Tweet: #AsktheSox Hey Josh, what sports do you like other than baseball? Do you have a favorite athlete?

Josh: I played basketball growing up. Don't watch other sports now. Ken Griffey Jr. was my favorite athlete #askthesox

Tweet: Hey Josh, what's your favorite song?#AsktheSox

Josh: Right now my favorite song would have to be "Crazy Girl" by the Eli Young Band #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox #AsktheSox Josh, who is the funniest person on the team?

Josh: Pedey definitely. He's always keeping us in a good mood with things he says #askthesox

Tweet: #AskTheSox What was your most memorable moment in the bigs?

Josh: When I hit the walk-off single against the Yankees. Best feeling ever #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox #AsktheSox Awesome! A professional wrestling fan ... so who's your favorite wrestler and/or favorite match?

Josh: Triple H. Match would have to be anything that D Generation X wrestled. HHH and Sexy Boy are awesome #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox How's your dog doing? #askthesox

Josh: My dog is great. He is actually in Boston right now. American bulldog #askthesox

Tweet: Josh, if not playing baseball, what would your runner-up dream job be? #askthesox

Josh: Professional fisherman. I would love to get paid to go fishing on the bass tour. That's my favorite offseason hobby #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox #AskTheSox Josh have you seen the Chronicles of Reddick video and how much grief did you get over that?

Josh: No grief. More props. How can you hate on perfect hair?! #askthesox

Josh: Thanks guys this was fun. gotta go get ready for work hope to see y'all at the game soon #askthesox

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