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08/05/11 5:57 PM ET

Ask the Sox tweets with Daniel Bard

Daniel: Hey everyone, it's Daniel here - keep sending those questions with #askthesox

Tweet: Hey Daniel Bard! What's your favorite song? #askthesox

Daniel: Daniel Bard Live Twitter Q&A starts now! http://twitpic.com/61fpn8

Daniel: Right now I'd have to say Kings of Leon's "Back Down South" #askthesox

Tweet: #AsktheSox Daniel, what's it like in the bullpen when the "band" starts up?

Daniel: It's me, Hill & Aceves. We start in the 4th or 5th if the game is close. 1 of us gets a beat and then we do what feels right! #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox #Askthesox Daniel Bard: Is there any pressure playing on such a great team like the red sox & with the tight A.L East race for 1st?

Daniel: There is some added pressure, but for me that's what makes it fun! #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox how does he feel about fellow Tar Heel Andrew Miller joining the Sox? #AskTheSox

Daniel: It's been awesome! He was one of my best friends in college, so I'm glad he's here. #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox For Daniel Bard: What was your favorite team and player growing up? #AskTheSox

Daniel: I grew up a Braves fan. My favorite player was probably John Smoltz, so it was awesome to play with him here in Boston in 2009. #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox #AsktheSox to Daniel Bard- how old were you when you knew you would make it to the big league?

Daniel: Let's put it this way, I told people I was going to play Major League Baseball since I was six years old! #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox Hey Bard, what is your craziest baseball superstition? #AsktheSox

Daniel: Probably playing in the bullpen band. We seem to score a lot of runs when we get going out there. #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox #AsktheSox who is the most fun person in the locker room? #redsox #Yankeessuck

Daniel: I"m going to say Pedroia and Scutaro both do a good job of making everybody laugh. #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox #AskTheSox How do you get prepared to enter a game?

Daniel: I try to follow the same routine every day to get my body and mind ready to perform. #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox #askthesox who's the loudest person on the team?

Daniel: Papelbon, without a doubt. #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox how is it having rich hill around even though he is out for the season? #askthesox

Daniel: He's sitting right next to me right now and he's a key member of the bullpen band! #askthesox

Tweet: How did it feel when you first got called up to the majors.#askthesox

Daniel: It was a dream come true! It's awesome to achieve something you've worked your whole life for. #askthesox

Daniel: Hungry Mother is the name of the place in Cambridge. The best southern cuisine you'll find North of the Mason-Dixon Line! #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox what's the best food you've had in Boston!? #askthesox

Tweet: @RedSox #AsktheSox Daniel, where were you and what were you doing when the Red Sox won the series in 2004?

Daniel: I was watching the game in my dorm room in Chapel Hill with a bunch of teammates. I was definitely rooting for the Sox! #askthesox

Daniel: Thanks everyone for the awesome questions. Hope you had fun! I've gotta go get ready to play tonight. #askthesox

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