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05/23/11 1:16 AM ET

Cubs-Red Sox set filled with hit-by-pitches

BOSTON -- A night after Marlon Byrd suffered multiple fractures to his face from a pitch thrown by Red Sox pitcher Alfredo Aceves, Jed Lowrie might have taken a little payback.

Both the Cubs and Red Sox were warned after Lowrie was hit by a Kerry Wood fastball in the eighth inning of Boston's 5-1 win Sunday night.

Wood threw the first pitch of Lowrie's at-bat inside, but plunked him in the rear on the very next pitch.

"After he missed the first one, I figured there's a good chance [I'd get hit]," Lowrie said.

Walking to first base, he wasn't happy.

"I'm [ticked] off. I just got hit with a 97-mph fastball," he said. "I mean, I understand the situation, but I'm [ticked] off."

While two Cubs batters were hit Saturday, just Kevin Youkilis received a shot on the Red Sox side, and Youkilis thinks the North Siders were just trying to even the score.

"I understand the whole thing," he said. "But you throw it once and you miss, and then you throw it again. I don't know. I guess they felt like they needed to get one in.

"The other day they were upset, because they didn't like the warning when I got hit. They were saying two guys got hit to one. So I guess now we're even until 100 years from now when we play again."

On Saturday night, Youkilis moved past Mo Vaughn to become the Red Sox's all-time hit-by-pitch leader when he was plunked by Carlos Zambrano.

"It seems like I'm always the one getting hit," said Youkilis, who has been hit 72 times in his career. "It's one of those things. For some reason, when this stuff happens, I'm the guy that's getting hit."

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