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10/19/08 1:34 AM ET

Jason Varitek postgame interview

Captain says team is maintaining focus on winning

JASON VARITEK: It doesn't matter what happens offensively, it's still fun to contribute that way.

Game 7, business as usual?

JASON VARITEK: Absolutely. We'll continue to maintain our focus the way we have.

Does a hit like that make up for some of the rough patches that you've had this season?

JASON VARITEK: We're still here. We're still playing baseball. That's what matters most.

Clock was getting 91 or 92 on the gun. Did it look any different to you catching, or did it look like same old, same old?

JASON VARITEK: He focused on the ball so well all year. He had a couple rough spots, and he's been a staple for us.

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Do you think that umpire change did anything?

JASON VARITEK: No, I think they maintained consistent zones. Derryl had a consistent zone, and then Tim always has a consistent zone. I mean, he's the best in the game, period.

Could you tell he was in some distress?

JASON VARITEK: He said his collar bone was hurting him, but he said he was all right because I asked him when he came back out there, and then I didn't know what happened after that.

Does that aspect of it feel better or more natural when you come through a spell like that?

JASON VARITEK: So many different roles, so many different times, it's just about a team. It's about working together as a group. I can't tell you how good our bench has been.

Is it something you take pride in, coming through in the clutch like that to really change the balance of a game?

JASON VARITEK: I say this all the time, but I can fortunately go 0 for 2000 and put down the right fingers and get pitchers to do stuff and come away gratified.

You may not have that opportunity in other positions that I have, and I enjoy that.

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