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10/07/08 12:01 AM ET

Postgame interview: Lester, Lowrie

Game 4 stars talk about their performances in series clincher

First, Jed, can you go over that at bat in the 9th?

JED LOWRIE: Well, last night Scot Shields struck me out on three straight curveballs. So in the back of my mind I was thinking curveball. And you know, he left one up in the zone enough for me to find a hole.

Jed, you had a rough September and kind of a rough finish to the year. Can you just talk about that at bat and just breaking through and maybe your confidence moving forward to the ALCS?

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JED LOWRIE: Well, I never really lost my confidence. That's kind of the game of baseball. It's never easy. You know, I felt like I was grinding out at bats in September. Not a lot to show for it. I came into the playoffs with my confidence still high, but, you know, it's a funny game. You can hit the ball hard and get out, and can you bloop one in and get a hit. So it's just a matter of maintaining a steady approach.

Can you go over your start today, and did you feel strong enough in the 8th to stay in there?

JON LESTER: I mean, really, Tek did a great job. He kind of guided me through the whole deal. You know, I was just able to execute pitches and make pitches when we had to.

You know, in the later innings like that I got the last out in the 7th, and I thought I was done. I figured I was done. When I came off the field, John Farrell asked me if I thought I was done. I said, yes, not thinking anything about it. He said, all right, you're done. You know, I think I could have gone back out there, but they made the call. You know, that's all you can do. And Oki went in there and did a good job. So did Masterson. Torii hit a good pitch, you have to tip your hat to that. We were able to come back in the 9th and win it.

Can you just talk about the run you're on this postseason? I know you've given Varitek a lot of credit, but from the start of Game 1 and what you did here tonight, I know you didn't pick up the win, but just the successful roll you're on right now?

JON LESTER: I feel good. My mindset is good, my focus is good. Like I said, it really all falls on Tek. He does a good job of keeping a good pace back there. And calling a good game. You have a lot of faith in what he does and his preparation. You know, it obviously helps to have a defense like we have. You can let him hit the ball. You know, Kotsay makes a great play. You can hit a great play at third. Couple great plays at third. You know, just makes it easier on you mentally to know that they're going to make great plays for you every night and you don't have to be perfect.

Can you both look ahead to the Rays and what will be some of the keys in this upcoming series? JED LOWRIE: Well, the Rays are a great team, we've played them a lot this year. They've got great starting pitching, and their bullpen is much improved from what it's been in the past.

We've just got to go out and play our game. We know they're going to show up every day and get their timely hits and pitch well and play good defense. So we've got to go out and do the same thing.

JON LESTER: You know, it's going to be fun. It's going to be a fun series going down there to Tropicana Field and playing those guys. You know, we've had some good battles with them all year. And like Jed said, they've got a good team.

Hopefully we can go down there and steal a win or two wins and get some momentum on our side and come back home. You know, hopefully do the same thing.

It's going to be a grind, but we're up for the challenge, and hopefully we can pull it out.

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