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05/31/08 8:42 PM ET

Drew improving but out of lineup

Right fielder battling with a minor bout of vertigo

BALTIMORE -- There was progress on the J.D. Drew front. When the right fielder woke up on Saturday, he did not feel as though he was sitting on a merry-go-round, as was the case on Friday.

Drew has been experiencing dizziness the last couple of days and is pretty sure he has another bout of vertigo, a malady that has plagued him several times in his life. He was out of the lineup for the second night in a row.

However, unlike former Sox first baseman Nick Esasky, who came down with vertigo after joining the Braves in 1990 and was forced into retirement thereafter, Drew only gets the most minor cases of the ailment.

"I've had little bouts of it here and there, just a day or two at a time," Drew said. "Fortunately, it never lingered for weeks. I know for [some guys] it was weeks and years and months."

Perhaps Drew's condition will lessen to the point that he's available by Sunday.

"It's never fun," he said. "Sometimes it can go years without showing itself. Two, three years, and then I'll get a day or two of it. It's just one of them things. I had one little deal of it last year that wasn't real major."

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