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05/23/08 9:58 PM ET

Ortiz indifferent to Yankees' concerns

Red Sox masher looking forward to All-Star Game promotion

OAKLAND -- In a new twist to the All-Star Home Run Derby, some lucky fan will have the opportunity to call David Ortiz's shot, much like Babe Ruth called his own all those decades ago. Ortiz will have one chance to hit it where the fan instructs him to.

The promotion is being run by State Farm, and Ortiz has agreed to participate in it. This year's All-Star Home Run Derby will take place on July 14.

However, with the venue being Yankee Stadium, the Yankees aren't necessarily crazy about the idea. According to an article in The New York Times on Friday, "The Yankees were upset about the plans involving Ortiz and said they were unaware of the promotion until a reporter contacted them Thursday night. The Yankees were discussing the matter internally and planning to contact Major League Baseball for an explanation."

Ortiz seemed indifferent to any concern the Yankees might have.

"MLB and State Farm are the people who I'm dealing with," said Ortiz. "I don't know about the Yankees. I don't really care."

The left-handed masher of the Red Sox has always enjoyed the All-Star festivities and felt that this unique promotion would add to his fun.

"That's why I walked into it, that's why I'm doing it," Ortiz said.

He was asked why the Yankees would be so sensitive about what is supposed to be a light-hearted moment.

"I don't know," said Ortiz. "I think the Yankees are going through a lot of things, so it might bother them for a minute, but it's nothing I have to do with. I'm not dealing with them, I'm dealing with MLB and State Farm. I have no control over it, so I don't really know what's going on."

Does Ortiz believe that Ruth really did call his own shot in the 1932 World Series against the Cubs?

"Yeah, the game was different back in the day," said Ortiz. "I guess you had more chances back then. Now you can't even call if you can hit the ball."

With Yankee Stadium configured the way it is, the short porch in right field would probably be the spot Ortiz would aim for if given his druthers.

"Probably," Ortiz said. "It depends how I feel that day."

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