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10/06/07 1:15 AM ET

Terry Francona postgame interview

Boston manager won't change approach to game

Q. What is the mood of the team here now heading west after such a dramatic win?



TERRY FRANCONA: I bet it's good. We accomplished what we set out to do today, and it wasn't very easy. We got to our bullpen probably a lot earlier than we would have liked. But everybody in the bullpen, starting with Delcarmen. I mean, Javy gets an out, but then Delcarmen kind of allows us to catch up. He gets a bunch of outs where all of a sudden we can go to Oki, we can get to Pap, not too early. So I mean our bullpen was outstanding. Jason never strayed from the game plan, never gave in to hitters. Gave us a chance.

People almost expect Ortiz to do what Manny just did, because he's done it so many times. Do you think that being that walking David a couple times to get to Manny and David having been so successful, that Manny kind of looked forward to coming through in that role?

TERRY FRANCONA: I'm sure he did. I think what Manny did, it was a great swing, but I think part of the reason he got a chance to swing was because David's such a good hitter and such a clutch hitter. It's hard to let David beat you. But Manny's such a good hitter behind him, he made them pay. I mean, that's the way you play the game. That's why you want to have as many good hitters as you can, so they can't pitch around people.

Can you just talk about what you saw out of Daisuke tonight, and the decision to lift him when you did.

TERRY FRANCONA: It was a lot of pitches. Lot of deep counts. I thought even when he worked and started ahead, he found a way to get himself back into hitter's counts. But the one thing will I say, he didn't cave, he didn't give in. And again, it was earlier than we wanted to, but we weren't out of reach. Like I said, didn't cave in, but when we got to Morales, we really wanted to turn him around.

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Can you talk about being up 2 0 now going into Anaheim Sunday?

TERRY FRANCONA: You know what, I think we'd be silly to ever change our approach of how we play the game. We'll take our day tomorrow and have a nice media thing at two o'clock. Then we'll play Sunday and try to win that game. That's, I think, not the only way, but the best way we know how to do it.

What happened with Pedroia's shoulder there?

TERRY FRANCONA: You know what, I don't want to use a medical term that's wrong. He obviously jammed it when he dove. Because when you don't see him get up and go chase the ball down, you know he was hurting. But we had not only our trainers but our doctor come down and really run him through some strength things down in the tunnel, and he was kind of moving the doctor around. So he wasn't coming out of that game. So we were very concerned. And I bet you he's going to be sore tomorrow, but we'll get him looked at tomorrow.

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