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08/21/06 12:02 PM ET

Farrelly brothers chat with fans

Filmmakers talk with Red Sox Nation online

Filmmakers Peter and Bobby Farrelly, known for hit comedies such as "Fever Pitch" and "There's Something About Mary," participated in a live chat with Red Sox Nation on Monday. They chatted about their movies, Interleague Play and what they think about Boston's postseason chances.

Base_Ball_2: How long have you been Red Sox fans?

Peter Farrelly: Our entire lives but especially since the Impossible Dream year of 1967.

Bobby Farrelly: My father swears that he took Peter and I to Ted Williams' last game, but we don't remember because we were too young and drunk.

Base_Ball_2: Do you have any charities that you support?

Bobby: We are big supporters of the Cape Cod Center for Women and we also give to the Jimmy Fund and the Neely House at New England Medical Center.

Peter: Plus, we employ all of our unemployable friends. Al a "Entourage."

Base_Ball_2: After watching this series with the Yankees, do you believe the Red Sox have a chance this year?

Peter: Positively. Remember, it's still August.

Bobby: I feel like it felt when they lost 19-8 of Game 3. They came back and won that.

Base_Ball_2: What was the most exciting part of shooting "Fever Pitch" at Fenway? Did you have a favorite moment?

Bobby: The most exciting part for me was when the crowd stayed after the game and Drew Barrymore jumped from the stands to the field and ran across to Jimmy Fallon.

Peter: My favorite was when I got to go inside the Green Monster.

redsoxlive: Who are your favorite Red Sox players, past and present?

Peter: My all time favorite is Carl Yastrzemski.

Bobby: Mine's either "Oil Can" Boyd or Bill Lee.

greenmonster: Did you see "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby?" Thoughts?

Peter: I did see it and I loved it. Keep an eye on Sacha Baron Cohen who played the gay French driver. That guy is really funny.

john_millette: How did you feel in 1975?

Peter: It was very painful to lose that series. But, we lost to an excellent team and we had great moments. Such as Carlton Fisk's homers in Game 6.

krickeys: McDonald's or Burger King?

Peter: Neither. In and Out Burger is King.

mjfuller: Have you ventured out of the comedy genre and do you plan to?

Bobby: We have ventured out of the comedy genre but it wasn't on purpose. Did you see the last 10 minutes of "Me, Myself & Irene?"

jon_kovatch: I am begging you guys to make a real Dumb & Dumber II!

Peter: That is always a possibility. And please tell everyone you know that we had nothing to do with "When Harry Met Lloyd."

hotsox: Big fan of Jim Carrey. What was it like to work with him? Any chance of another movie with him in the future?

Peter: Jim's the best and it was a ball working with him both times, except for the last 10 minutes of "Me, Myself & Irene."

Base_Ball: Do you think that Rhode Island has become a hot spot for filmmakers? Do you plan on making any movies in Rhode Island in the near future?

Peter: Yes. Rhode Island is becoming Hollywood East due to the excellent tax deals that the studios have been offered. Our next movie, unfortunately, will not be shot in Rhode Island because the story takes place in San Francisco and Mexico. It's called the "The Seven Day Itch," starring Ben Sitller and it will be our first R-rated comedy in seven years, which will be fun.

Base_Ball: What do you think of Interleague Play? Do you think the winner of the All-Star Game should have home field advantage in the World Series?

Peter: I am not a fan of Interleague Play, but I love the All-Star Game home advantage rule. It makes the game worth watching again. Plus, the teams try harder.

Base_Ball_2:Hi guys. Brenda here. I just worked with Michelle Monaghan in "Gone Baby Gone." Good choice for your next movie. How did you cast her?

Bobby: Hi, Brenda! Michelle auditioned with Ben Stiller a couple of times and was fantastic. She's beautiful and extremely likeable.

Base_Ball_2: Are either of you planning to be at the the Comics Come Home this year?

Bobby: Yes. I go every year. It's the best showcase for comics in the country.

Base_Ball_3: Any current Red Sox players who have acting in their future?

Peter: I think Mike Lowell would be a dead ringer for Clark Gable if he shaved the beard and just kept the pencil thin mustache. Although I have no idea if he can act.

Peter: They are telling us we are done but thank you very much for checking in and don't give up on the Red Sox yet.

Bobby: Thanks a lot. Keep the faith.

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