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08/09/06 11:58 AM ET

Nixon confident team will succeed

Outfielder chats with fans online about injury, playoffs

Red Sox outfielder Trot Nixon chatted online with Red Sox Nation on Wednesday morning. Nixon answered questions about being on the disabled list and the team's injuries at this point in the season, his hat and free agency.

Base_Ball: Trot, do you feel like the team can take it all the way this year? What will be the most important aspect to focus on in order to bring home the trophy?

Trot Nixon: Obviously we need to get as healthy as possible. We need to worry about how we play not how other teams play.

lisa1216: Good morning Trot. How old is the hat you wear on the field, and is there a superstitious reason for wearing it?

Nixon: No superstition. It's the hat I started with at Spring Training and I don't like changing hats throughout the year. But I do wash my hair.

Base_Ball_2: How do you think the lack of trade activity over the last several weeks will affect the remainder of the season?

Nixon: Making a trade does not automatically guarantee a playoff position. This team is strong enough to win the East as well as win a championship.

Stephanie_Prince: How frustrating is it for you to be on the disabled list while the Sox slip behind the Yankees? Can the Sox recover this season?

Nixon: It's a little disappointing. I can't control how my body's going to respond every day. I don't think we need to recover anything. We're still very capable of winning the East and going to the postseason.

Base_Ball: Trot, your two-RBI hit in Game 4 of the World Series was the most clutch and most exciting moment ever. Did you know it was gone?

Nixon: Well it wasn't a home run, I was just hoping Jim Edmonds wouldn't catch it.

Stephanie_Prince: How do you feel about the former front office employee who was selling his World Series ring on eBay?

Nixon: It's childish.

lester4prez: How would you say Wily Mo Pena and Gabe Kapler have done filling in for you? Do you ever offer Wily Mo tips on how to play right field at Fenway? It is a tough position and you play it better than anyone.

Nixon: Kapler and Pena have done a great job. Pena has had more playing time and really adjusted well to the American League. And Kapler has come back from major surgery to perform just as he did before he was injured.

njlifer: Trot, the team is struggling playing .500 ball, what's the mood in the clubhouse?

Nixon: The mood is unchanged. This is a part of the season that's going to be our biggest test and we will succeed.

thesunking: Is your batting helmet so dirty as an unintended consequence of adjusting it and securing it? Or do you intentionally keep a convenient and constant supply of pine-tar there, within arm's reach at all times?

Nixon: It's to keep a supply of pine tar close by and the reason is if I keep the pine tar off of my bat and on my helmet it allows me to avoid putting excessive amounts of pine tar on my bat so that it stays light.

foxmcd: I hope you are feeling better, can't wait for you to return to the lineup. How is the team dealing with all the injuries?

Nixon: It's just another obstacle we have to overcome. We'll be fine.

njlifer: Trot, you've been a welcome fixture in right field. Has Theo Epstein started discussions to extend your time in a Red Sox uniform?

Nixon: No. I think you need to call him.

yankeehater33: Trot, how much do you plan on testing the free agent market in the offseason?

Nixon: I'm worried about winning a championship here, not free agency.

Julie_Defino: Hi, Trot. Do you feel that pitching and defense are sometimes more important than offense? Obviously having both is great, which I feel the Red Sox have, but you've made some awesome plays in right field.

Nixon: I think pitching and defense can win more championships than just offense, and that's the goal-- more championships.

Base_Ball_4: I've been trying to locate a spark of that never-say-die attitude that the Sox had when you won the World Series. Is there anyone in the clubhouse that gets everyone fired up, like Kevin Millar used to do?

Nixon: Let's get one thing straight -- Millar was a comedian, not a general. We miss him but we have Manny (Ramirez) being Manny to fire us up.

Julie_Defino: My 10-year-old daughter wants me to ask you what you feel is the most important part about playing baseball?

Nixon: The most important thing about playing baseball is the work ethic, passion for the game and being a great teammate.

lester4prez: How often do you wear your World Series ring?

Nixon: Not as much as other people do. I want another one -- I want to fill up my whole hand.

msredsox5: Do you have any pregame rituals?

Nixon: I like to yell at Kapler and I make Manny tell me how good I am. Just joking. I'm too superstitious to even get into it. But I'm not like Nomar Garciaparra.

lester4prez: Obviously winning the World Series is a highlight in a career, but what was your favorite Red Sox moment?

Nixon: Two things: game-winning home runs against Oakland in the 2003 playoffs and home runs off of Roger Clemens as a Yankee.

trish4878: Trot, what would someone be surprised to learn about you?

Nixon: I'm growing my mullet out to be like Manny.

Stephanie_Prince: Trot, when all is said and done, what would you like to be doing after your Major League career is over?

Nixon: I'd like to coach high school football. I'd like to provide funds for soup kitchens and homeless shelters, especially for kids. Maybe take Jerry Remy's spot on TV.

Dan_Mendoza: The energy from the fans is one of extreme passion. How much do you feed off of what the fans bring to the game?

Nixon: We definitely feed off of the fans. They are the best in baseball. Looking on TV at other stadiums you see empty seats, but never at Fenway. And it means a lot to see Red Sox Nation outnumber the home team's fans when visiting another ballpark.

yankeehater33: Trot, you passed up a scholarship to play football at NC State and signed with the Red Sox instead right out of high school. Obviously it has worked out for you. What advice would you give players facing a similar problem between college and turning pro?

Nixon: It's a tough decision and you have to weigh all your options. A player's heart is going to ultimately make his decision.

Nixon: Thanks for taking time out of your day to chat. See you at Fenway!

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