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05/28/2010 10:18 AM ET
Boston Red Sox appoint Greenmark as Green Sponsorship Agency
GreenMark to Develop New Environmental Sponsorship Programs at Fenway Park
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MINNEAPOLIS - May 26, 2010 - Major League Baseball's Boston Red Sox today announced the appointment of GreenMark as their green sponsorship agency. The Red Sox hired GreenMark, the Minneapolis-based leader in environmental sports marketing, to handle all aspects of green sponsorship-development, strategy, sales and activation planning-at Fenway Park.

"While the Red Sox have already established a strong record of environmental stewardship, we are pleased to partner with GreenMark to change the game of sponsorship that will create winning results for the environment, our corporate partners and our organization," said Joe Januszewski, Red Sox Senior Vice President for Corporate Sales and Fenway Enterprises. "Through GreenMark's enlightened approach to sponsorship, we hope to redefine the sports experience in a manner consistent with the excellence represented by the Red Sox brand."

Working alongside in-house marketing and operations personnel, GreenMark will develop new sponsorship opportunities that connect corporate partners with environmental assets at Fenway Park.

"Sports offer a powerful marketing platform for building business and brand value. We are excited to help bring new value to the Boston Red Sox through innovative and authentic corporate partnerships that elevate sponsorship to solve environmental problems and serve as inspiration for other sports organizations," stated Mark Andrew, president and founder of GreenMark.

The Boston Red Sox join a growing roster of GreenMark clients who are harnessing the power of the marketplace to drive environmental stewardship in the sports experience. In January 2010, GreenMark launched a first-of-its-kind sustainable water partnership between the Minnesota Twins and Pentair.

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