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04/22/2009 4:02 PM ET
Red Sox continue environmentally-sustainable practices at Fenway Park
2009 Earth Day presented by National Grid includes Uniforms featuring Red Sox' greening logo and CFL bulb recycling by Waste
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The Boston Red Sox are continuing a commitment to promote the use of environmentally-sustainable habits and technologies in the operation of the team and Fenway Park. The Red Sox continue to partner with the Natural Resources Defense Council in its efforts to make Fenway Park environment-friendly by bringing more "green" practices to the ballpark.

In recognition of the celebration of Earth Day today, the Red Sox are working with Waste Management to hold a one-day collection of used compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs at all Fenway Park gates. Although CFLs use 75% less energy than a normal bulb and last ten times longer, they cannot be disposed of in a normal manner due to the level of mercury contained within them. Waste Management will transport the collected CFLs to its facility to dispose the bulbs in a safe and proper manner. All Red Sox uniformed personnel will also wear special green-lettered uniforms, featuring the Red Sox greening logo on their sleeves, and green hats for the 7:10 pm game. Tonight's National Anthem will be performed by Boston University's acappella group the "Dear Abbeys", all of whom have volunteered on the Poland Spring Green Team. All 2009 Earth Day events at Fenway Park are sponsored by National Grid, the energy provider who partnered with the team in various greening initiatives.

"With the help of our dedicated staff and valued sponsors, we are continuing our commitment to make Fenway Park friendlier to the environment," said Tom Werner, Red Sox Chairman. "We hope that by incorporating both big and small changes in our daily operation, the cumulative effect will mean future generations can enjoy the great game of baseball in a cleaner and more environmentally-friendly world."

During the off-season, new plumbing fixtures were installed at Fenway Park that will save more than 360,000 gallons of water annually. Through the combined efforts of the Red Sox and its partners, more than 800 tons of construction materials were recycled from the Fenway Park Year VIII Improvements and high efficiency lighting fixtures were installed in concourse areas.

This season, the Red Sox hope to double the more than 25 tons of plastic bottles and cups collected last year by the Poland Spring Green Team. The Green Team employs volunteers from local colleges and organizations from around New England to collect plastic bottles and cups, as well as clean paper items, from fans at their seats during every home game.

The Grounds Crew has added new energy efficient and environmentally friendly equipment, including a battery-powered walk behind mower and small blower, and an electric dethatcher. They are also using more organic fertilizers and bio-stimulants to help grow the grass. These new items add to the efforts started last season, including the use of bio-diesel and the practice of recycling grass clippings and environmentally friendly wetting agents, which help the grass to better utilize the water.

ARAMARK, the food and beverage concessionaire at Fenway Park, continues to do its part by incorporating environmentally-sustainable practices in its operations at Fenway Park. In its food preparation, ARAMARK is committed to using more items that are locally grown, which require less shipping and therefore use less energy and produce less pollution. Local and organic fare is featured among the produce and seafood in the premium restaurants and select concession stands. ARAMARK has also started to recycle fryer oil to be converted into bio-diesel. The ARAMARK Facility Services department continues to utilize "Green Seal Certified" chemicals in cleaning processes along with re-engineered cleaning programs that include revised wash-down schedules, helping in water conservation. ARAMARK Retail Services are selling souvenirs and merchandise made with organic and natural fibers. Other highlights of the 2009 Red Sox Greening Efforts include:

Waterless Urinals & Dual-Flush Toilets - The Red Sox installed nine Falcon waterless urinals in the new men's bathrooms on the Right Field Roof Box Concourse. These odor-free, waterless urinals allow for an estimated average water savings of 40,000 gallons of water per year per urinal. In addition to water savings, urinals allow for a touch-free operation that improves hygiene and safety for all fans. The Right Field Roof Box men's and women's restrooms also feature eleven newly installed Sloan Dual-Flush Flushometers that help to reduce water volume by approximately 30%.

Changes in Paper Usage - In 2009, all Red Sox season ticket holders received tickets that were printed on recycled paper. All Red Sox publications, including the Red Sox Magazine, Media Guide, Yearbook, and pocket schedules continue to be printed on recycled paper. In the front office, most individual printers, copiers, and fax machines have been replaced by centralized printer/copy/fax /scanner combination units that are also defaulted to print double-sided, saving in thousands of pounds of paper and toner.

EPA WasteWise Program - This season the Red Sox joined the EPA's WasteWise Program, and the two organizations will work together to help reduce the amount of municipal solid waste produced at Fenway Park, such as office paper, cardboard packaging, wood, and yard trimmings. The Red Sox join six other MLB teams members as a member of the WasteWise program.

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