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04/06/2008 3:21 PM ET
Red Sox Nation president and vice president announce five-point plan
Plan to serve the fans of Red Sox Nation
tickets for any Major League Baseball game
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The newly established president of Red Sox Nation, Jerry Remy and vice president of Red Sox Nation, "Regular" Rob Crawford, announced today the creation of a "Five Point Plan" that will guide their administration in 2008. The "Five Point Plan" includes the appointment of governors, a two-year census, elected youth representatives, new benefits for registered citizens of Red Sox Nation, and a commitment to encourage fans with access to tickets to make ticket donations to deserving individuals.

"Red Sox Nation vice president 'Regular' Rob Crawford and I spent the offseason talking to fans around the world. These conversations have inspired a series of fan-based initiatives that will guide the first year of our administration," said Red Sox Nation president Remy. "The most important aspect of each of these points will be improving the overall fan experience."

Several initiatives will be launched during the Opening Month of the season, including the appointment of state governors, the Red Sox Kid Nation Captain program, new benefits for registered Citizens of RSN, and community ticket donations. Other elements of the "Five Point Plan" will be rolled-out over the course of the season. Announcements with more specific details on each of these programs will be made at later dates.

Point One: Appointment of Governors

The president and vice president of Red Sox Nation will appoint one governor per U.S. state, beginning with the states within New England. Appointments may also be made for representatives of countries and territories where the Red Sox have a following. Each governor will be responsible for organizing Red Sox viewing parties for fans in their state, and collecting feedback from his/her constituents.

Point Two: Two-Year Census

As part of an initiative to hear directly from Red Sox Nation, Remy and Crawford will create a two-year census, which will ask fans to give feedback on how the Red Sox can better serve their fans. Any and all ideas will be heard, and the best may be presented to Red Sox ownership for possible implementation. The census will also help put a face on the ever-expansive, worldwide fan base that is Red Sox Nation.

Point Three: Kid Nation Captains presented by Hood

Of utmost importance to the President and Vice President of Red Sox Nation is the representation and feedback of the team's youngest fans. With that in mind, they will establish Kid Nation Captains presented by Hood. These elected leaders of Red Sox Nation will be responsible for representing Red Sox Kid Nation. They will also be entrusted to carry out Kid Nation's "Kids Helping Kids" mission through the development and implementation of a new community service program supported by Hood, the Boston Red Sox, and all of Red Sox Kid Nation.

Point Four: New RSN Program Benefits

Remy and Crawford will establish a number of new, valuable benefits and giveaways for registered Citizens of Red Sox Nation, including: "Win a Day with the World Series Trophy Sweepstakes"; "Nation's Way" Gate C prizes, where citizens of Red Sox Nation win prizes when their Red Sox Nation cards are scanned at Gate C; Game notes and press releases sent to citizens of Red Sox Nation; and a special benefit to New England-based registered citizens to receive the first 100 lottery spots during the State Days ticket sale.

Point Five: Community Program/"Ticket Give"

Remy and Crawford will stress the importance of getting tickets to fans that may not ordinarily have the means to purchase tickets. Vice president Crawford initially took the lead on this initiative by promising to give away all of the tickets he received from president Remy to fans of Red Sox Nation. Loosely based on one of Crawford's initiatives during his campaign for the President of Red Sox Nation, a plan will be developed to help facilitate Season Ticket Holders and fans with access to tickets who would like to give tickets away to deserving individuals. Some of these inspiring stories will be highlighted by Remy and Crawford throughout the season.

About Red Sox Nation

While all Red Sox fans are members of Red Sox Nation, there are currently 40,000 "registered citizens" representing 42 countries that make up Red Sox Nation, the official fan club of the Boston Red Sox. The club draws its name from the self-referential moniker of Red Sox fans worldwide. Since 2004, fans have been invited to join this valuable membership program which offers various discounts, privileges and opportunities. Benefits for 2008 include a subscription to's Gameday Audio, advance purchase opportunities for special events at Fenway Park, random ticket drawings, giveaways and more.

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