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07/12/2007 8:32 PM ET
Red Sox invite fans to submit nominations for official president of Red Sox Nation
Ceremonial leader of worldwide fan base would have powers, privileges and perks
tickets for any Major League Baseball game
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BOSTON -- The Boston Red Sox announced today that they are inviting fans across the world to nominate themselves or others to the new post, "President of Red Sox Nation." The ceremonial "First Fan" would have an assortment of powers, privileges, and perquisites designed to further unify the club's unique global fan base. The program would be conducted in coordination with NESN, Entercom Radio, and Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM), the on-line component of Major League Baseball.

"While this innovation is light-hearted, it is nonetheless real," said Red Sox President/CEO Larry Lucchino. "It is intended to be both a fun and functional position that helps foster dialogue among fans, and one that keeps us in touch with the pulse of our fans."

The President would have a blog provided by the Red Sox.

After discussions with Lucchino, popular Red Sox television analyst Jerry Remy has helped create the position by serving as the "temporary, acting president."

"Others are tossing their hats into the ring," Lucchino said. "They all share a love of the Red Sox, yet they range from celebrities to media members to business leaders to our heart and soul, the regular fans."

Already, such personalities as Joe Castiglione, Hazel Mae, and Sam Horn have accepted the nomination of fans. In addition, such media members as Mike Barnicle, Peter Gammons, and Bill Simmons have joined the race. Boston business leaders Dennis Drinkwater and Cindy Brown have accepted nominations, as has renowned author Doris Kearns Goodwin. Two of the Red Sox' more ardent "average fans," Rob "Just A Regular Rob" Crawford and Rick Swanson, "The Fan's Commissioner," have tossed their hats in the ring.

There is no limit to the number of people who can be nominated. A closing date for nominations, election dates, term limits, and further details will be announced later this season.

All fans worldwide will be able to vote, predominantly on line, at no charge. Accommodations will be made for those fans who do not use computers. Fans can nominate themselves or can nominate others by paying a $14.95 fee, which makes the nominee a Citizen of Red Sox Nation, the club's on-line fan community.

Fans can submit nominations by visiting or by calling 877-REDSOX9. Fans accepting the nomination will have the opportunity to write "platform statements" and many will have the opportunity to tell their stories on NESN, which will feature interviews with numerous candidates.

The President will receive an array of benefits that include a number of tickets, use of a suite, and a trip to Spring Training. The President would deliver a Ceremonial First Pitch in 2008 as well.

Members of the Red Sox ownership and senior executives would meet periodically with the President as well to gain the perspective of this leader of "Red Sox Nation."

The early nominees 1. Joe Castiglione
2. Hazel Mae
3. Sam Horn
4. Mike Barnicle
5. Peter Gammons
6. Bill Simmons
7. Dennis Drinkwater
8. Cindy Brown
9. Rob "Just A Regular Rob" Crawford
10. Rick Swanson, "The Fan's Commissioner"

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