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04/09/2007 6:17 PM ET
Aramark, Red Sox hold prices on all food and soda at Fenway Park for 2007
Add turkey, chicken, and other healthy alternatives
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BOSTON -- Red Sox families can enjoy Turkey Wraps, Chicken Caesar Salads, Fruit Cups and other new, healthy menu items, and traditional food fare prices will not increase in 2007 at Fenway Park.

Fans can choose their chicken, ranging from Rotisserie chicken to barbequed chicken skewers to new jumbo chicken wings, in addition to Chicken Caesar Salads. The list does not, however, threaten to top the six varieties of hot dogs and sausage, each of which will have the same price as it did last year.

"We will offer an array of new, healthy menu options at Fenway Park this year," said Ron Abell, who took over as ARAMARK's new executive chef at Fenway Park mid-way through last season. "A zero grams trans fat fryer oil is being introduced in all of the ballpark's dining locations and trans fat free brownies and cookies will be served in both concessions and suite ice cream stands."

"These decisions are designed to speak directly to moms, dads, and families. Just as we held ticket prices for non-premium tickets this year, so too are we holding prices on non-alcohol items," said Red Sox President/CEO Larry Lucchino. "We are grateful to ARAMARK that we have shared vision of doing our best to protect the ballpark experience for children and families."

Satisfying the cravings of those who seek deli sandwiches, the park will also provide corned beef, pastrami, and Italian beef, and Barbequed rib sandwiches, along with Calzones.

"Fans are moving away from the concept of arriving at game time," Lucchino said. "The best, least stressful way to attend an event is to come early. We also understand the investment people make in the Red Sox, and one way to get the most value also is to come early. Those who arrive at five, enjoy batting practice, and take a walk around the park receive an extended experience. That inspires us to work with ARAMARK to make sure that we have an attractive menu that inspires families to say, to borrow a phrase, 'Fenway: It's what's for dinner.'

"We will also introduce the technology that allows fans to pay with credit cards, another effort to simplify the process."

TRADITIONAL FARE: No price increase whatsoever:

Fenway Frank's Collection:
Fenway Frank - $4.00
Polish Sausage - 4.25
Hebrew National Kosher Style - 4.50
Foot Long Hot Dog - 5.00
Italian Sausage - 6.00
Monster Dog - 6.75
RemDawg - 6.75
Things Go Better With:
Fountain Water - Free
Bottled Water - 3.00
Bottle of Coca-Cola and other sodas - 3.75
Powerade - 3.75
Coca-Cola - 4.00
Souvenir Soda Cup - 5.50
Energy Drink - 8.00
Goodies On the Sides:
Cotton Candy - 3.00
Cracker Jack - 3.75
Peanuts - 4.00
Traditional Fun Food at Fenway:
Nachos - 4.50
French Fries - 4.25
Chicken Tenders with French Fries - 7.25
Hamburgers - 4.50
Cheeseburgers - 4.50
Turkey Tips - 9.25
Steak Tips - 9.25

Choose Your Chicken (and Turkey):
Turkey Wraps - 8.75
Chicken Caesar Wraps - 8.75
BBQ Chicken Skewers - 9.25
Jumbo Chicken Wings - 10.00
Rotisserie Chicken - 16.00
Hot Deli Delicacies:
Corned Beef - 10.00
Pastrami - 10.00
Italian Beef - 10.00
Barbequed Ribs - 10.00
Calzones - 8.75
Cold Deli Delicacies:
Variety of Cold Boars Head Subs - 7.75
Made to order: Mix and match
    Roast Beef & Extras
    Turkey & Extras
    Ham & Extras
Goodies on the Side:
Brownies (Trans fat free) - 4.00
Cookies (Trans fat free) - 4.00
Fruit Cups - 4.75
Stuffed Pretzels - 5.00
Hood's Itti Bitz Ice Cream Pellets - 5.00

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