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04/15/2005 5:59 PM ET
Red Sox statement regarding incident between fans and Yankees player last night
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"We are continuing the thorough investigation of last night's incident in the right field corner at Fenway Park involving fans and Gary Sheffield of the New York Yankees," said Mike Dee, the Red Sox' Chief Operating Officer. "We are not treating it lightly. We have reviewed the video and continue to interview those who were directly involved, witnesses to the altercation, and security and police personnel who were in the vicinity. Senior officials of the Red Sox are working with senior officials of the Yankees. We are examining the incident from a variety of perspectives: security, legal, and ballpark operations, so that we can determine an appropriate course of action based on full information.

"We are proud of the response by Red Sox security and Boston police; their actions were quick and decisive. We respect the restraint and composure shown by Gary Sheffield. Together, they helped ensure that the incident did not escalate. We thank Director of Security Charlie Cellucci, a veteran of 34 years with the Boston Police Department, and his staff, most notably Steven Chin, the 23-year-old fifth-year Fenway Park security staff member who was first to respond.

"All great Red Sox fans know to never interfere with a ball in play. As was the case last night, fans who attempt to interfere will be ejected and, possibly, subject to other penalties. We relay that message to fans prior to games, as well as in the terms and conditions of our season tickets. Beginning tonight, we will add signs in the first row of seats between Canvas Alley and the right field corner reminding fans of the consequences of interfering with a ball in play. Our security personnel and ushers will remain vigilant in their efforts to ensure that play is not disrupted.

"Red Sox fans are widely regarded as among the most passionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable in all of sports. We want them also to be seen as the most respectful of the game."

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