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Anthony Castrovince has been a reporter for since 2004.

  • March 01 6:57 PM ET

    Britton journals historic year, even lone HR

    The best documentation of Zach Britton's historic 2016 season came from Britton himself. He kept a journal with him all year, taking diligent notes about how he felt on a particular day, who he faced, what worked and what didn't. More»Britton talks about improving for 2017, command
  • February 23 1:32 PM ET

    Conforto taking cues from Bruce, if not at-bats

    "The situation is a tough situation," Michael Conforto said, of competing with Jay Bruce to be the Mets' starting RF. "But it doesn't do anything to our personal relationship." (Getty/AP)In the Mets' clubhouse, the fact that Jay Bruce is blocking Michael Conforto from getting the kind of developmental opportunity Bruce himself got long ago with the Reds hasn't prevented the pair from developing a mentor/mentee relationship. More»
  • February 22 2:48 PM ET

    Cardinals have pieces, precedent to handle injury

    "He looks like he's not forcing anything," Mike Matheny said of likely No. 5 starter Michael Wacha. (AP)Gray skies hung over Cardinals camp Wednesday morning, arguably a week late. Alex Reyes' Tommy John surgery unfortunately falls right in line with the sour spring setbacks that this organization endured with Adam Wainwright, Chris Carpenter, Jason Motte and Jaime Garcia in recent years, though the Cards know they are hardly outliers in this area. More»
  • February 21 4:48 PM ET

    How does signing of Wieters affect Nats?

    Baltimore Orioles catcher Matt Wieters throws out Los Angeles Dodgers' Trayce Thompson on a slow grounder in front of the plate during the seventh inning of a baseball game in Los Angeles, Monday, July 4, 2016. (AP Photo/Alex Gallardo)Within the new norm that is baseball's late free-agent market, the Nats agreed to terms with All-Star catcher Matt Wieters on what is reported to be a two-year, $21 million contract Tuesday, with a player opt-out after this season. This was also a signing that created more questions than it answered. More»Castrovince talks Nats signing Wieters
  • February 20 2:22 PM ET

    Mookie the embodiment of a perfectionist

    We saw him in his other natural environment over the weekend, the six-strike string he put together in Chris Paul's Celebrity Invitational Charity Bowling Tournament that finished with a Larry Bird-like lookaway on the last roll. Mookie Betts in a bowling alley is arguably as enthralling as Mookie Betts on a baseball field. More»Betts set for more success in 2017
  • February 19 4:30 PM ET

    Manny hopeful for eventual return to shortstop

    Manny Machado's position for the Dominican Republic in the upcoming World Baseball Class is still uncertain. But what can be said for certain is that one of the game's great hot-corner defenders is still interested in a full-time return to his native position of shortstop -- not just in the Classic, but in the Majors. More» Machado makes an amazing grab at short
  • February 18 4:43 PM ET

    Betances arbitration decision par for the course

    Randy Levine's remarks were rough. But they weren't incorrect. The Yankees president had a barn-burner of a conference call with reporters Saturday about Dellin Betances' arbitration hearing, and Betances would later indicate he was as at least as upset about Levine's public comments as he was about the hearing's result. More»Levine discusses Betances' arbitration case
  • February 17 4:10 PM ET

    Bautista fits in with Blue Jays' culture

    For Jose Bautista, the offseason was long, strange and ultimately unrewarding. Or at least, relative to that $150 million figure that was floated around exactly one year ago. More»Gibbons discusses Bautista's versatility
  • February 17 8:50 AM ET

    7-inning games? MLB minds offer new rules

    Proposed rules changes were the topic du jour at MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred's news conference at Spring Training Media Day. If you could install a Major League rule change for one day, just to see how it impacts the strategy or the action, what would you it be? More»MLB executives, managers on possible rule changes
  • February 16 4:01 PM ET

    Live from Florida: Good day, Sunshine State

    Pitchers and catchers have reported, and position players are right behind, but a ceremonial first pitch for the Grapefruit League season occurs this afternoon, with Florida's installment of the annual Spring Training Media Day. More»Florida's ready for Grapefruit League Media Day
  • February 10 10:03 PM ET

    Ilitch had mammoth impact on Tigers, Motown

    Because of Mike Ilitch, the Tigers have been a superstar-laden squad for well north of a decade, the Red Wings brought the Stanley Cup to Hockeytown four times and the Fox Theater shines like the Woodward Avenue wonder it was intended to be. More»Justice discusses Tigers owner Mike Ilitch's legacy
  • February 10 8:00 PM ET

    10 players with the most spring intrigue

    Here are 10 players who have a spring-specific source of fascination attached to them, be it a position switch, injury recovery or a spot to win. More»Castrovince on guys who need bounce-back Springs
  • February 10 8:52 AM ET

    For Dealin' Dipoto, method is hardly madness

    Seattle Mariners general manager Jerry Dipoto, left, greets manager Scott Servais, right, as Servais walks to the podium to talk to reporters in Seattle, Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017, during the Mariners' annual pre-season briefing before the start of Spring Training, (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)In Jerry Dipoto's estimation, if Seattle is going to have any chance of ending the game's longest postseason drought in 2017, it had to be this way, with a dizzying series of swaps that made him the Most Interesting -- or at least Most Active -- Man in Baseball this Hot Stove season. More»Dipoto on retaining young talent after transactions
  • February 10 8:50 AM ET

    Bart Land: The Last Pitcher Show?

    In a world of fiery fastballs and sculpted bodies and athletic ageism, one man set about to change everything we think we know about Major League Baseball. His name was Bartolo Colon. And his story could make for a movie. More» Larger Than Life
  • February 09 9:15 AM ET

    'Runner on 2nd' rule considered for extras

    As Major League Baseball continues to contemplate ways to improve pace of play and address the grind placed upon players over a 162-game season, Yahoo! Sports reported on Wednesday that the Rookie-level Gulf Coast League and Arizona League will experiment with a rule change this year that would automatically place a runner on second base at the start of extra innings. More»Possible rule change to speed up the game
  • February 05 4:07 PM ET

    Who is poised for superstardom in 2017?

    "Super" weekend that this is, let's try to identify some of baseball's soon-to-be superstars, players who are bound and determined to occupy a more prominent place in the public consciousness. More»Players most likely to become game's next superstars
  • February 02 10:12 AM ET

    Punxsutawney thrills: Repeat this history

    No single day on the calendar has been usurped by cinema quite like Groundhog Day. Bill Murray's movie of the same name took an already bizarre holiday centered on a supposedly meteorological-minded rodent and gave it a time-loop layer. Now the phrase "Groundhog Day" is ubiquitous with the idea of repetition, which is why ballplayers often use it to describe the seemingly ceaseless and sometimes-monotonous Spring Training schedule. More»Which memorable 2016 events may repeat in 2017?
  • February 01 11:19 AM ET

    Fierce foes: MLB's top 5 rivalries for 2017

    Look, the Yankees and Red Sox had a nice run. For now, though, it's hard to consider it one of the more captivating clashes in Major League Baseball. In 2017, there are a few rivalries that rate a bit better. More» Bumgarner homers off his fellow ace
  • December 06 9:54 PM ET

    “You learn to sleep at night with the price you pay”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince On the day Robinson Cano got $240 million from the Mariners and Curtis Granderson got $60 million from the Mets and Scott Feldman got $30 million from the Astros, Chris Antonetti met with reporters in the Terrace Club at Progressive Field to discuss… uh… the chicken marsala lunch special? […] More»
  • November 20 3:50 AM ET

    “Tell me how do we get this thing started?”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince NOTE: This post has been updated with news of the Indians coming to an agreement with David Murphy. A small sliver of insight into the Tribe’s offseason spending strategy rests in the simple fact that when Tim Hudson fielded final offers earlier this week, the Indians had made what […] More»
  • October 03 5:48 AM ET

    A loss. And a win.

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince When it was over, and the sea of red had begun to disperse, revealing the undertow of green plastic seats, a few hundred fans remained near the home dugout, standing, applauding. This American League Wild Card game against the Tampa Bay Rays did not go to plan Wednesday night. […] More»
  • September 30 8:23 PM ET

    “You’ve got to walk it, talk it, in your heart”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince The last club Terry Francona managed went 7-20 in September to complete one of the great collapses in baseball history and end his otherwise successful tenure in Boston. This Tribe club managed by Francona went 21-6 in September to complete a stunning surge that, while undoubtedly schedule-aided, rejuvenated local […] More»
  • September 29 9:58 PM ET

    “Surprise, surprise, come on open your eyes”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince Totally did not see this coming. I was optimistic, but not this optimistic. I was a believer, but not this big a believer. I knew the Indians would be better this year, and not just because things couldn’t have gotten much worse than the 2012 freefall. I knew an […] More»
  • September 27 7:11 PM ET

    “One step closer to knowing”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince Within a whisker of a postseason berth, the Indians are coming to the conclusion that they have no closer. Chris Perez is not a closer right now. With a 7.85 ERA, .350 average against and 1.116 OPS against in 18 1/3 innings over his last 19 appearances, he’s a […] More»
  • September 26 1:50 PM ET

    Manager of the Year?

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince A Boston beat reporter got in touch with me the other day, because he has an AL Manager of the Year vote and he wanted to make sure he did his due diligence all the candidates, rather than just circling John Farrell’s name and being done with it. He’s […] More»
  • September 24 3:26 PM ET

    “Been waiting for tonight”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince Well, this figures, right? Ubaldo Jimenez arrives here as a would-be ace with so much wanted and expected from him. And for the better part of two calendar years, he stinks, quite frankly. In the 2011 playoff chase, when the Indians are desperately trying to keep pace with the […] More»
  • September 18 6:36 PM ET

    “We got one last chance to make it real”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince None of the individual narratives seem to do justice to how fun and frustrating and ecstatic and exasperating and inherently weird this Cleveland Indians season has been. The Indians return home Thursday for the final homestand of 2013. They’ve got a remaining schedule – four against Houston, two against […] More»
  • September 10 2:07 AM ET

    “Try and catch the wind”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince Yan Gomes walked by, and an Indians official said, “There goes our starting catcher.” Indeed, the transition is complete. Gomes has started at catcher in 22 of the Indians’ last 36 games. Publicly, Terry Francona says what you’d expect him to say, but the proof is in the pudding […] More»
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