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Sunday, September 19, 2010:
Red Sox 6, Blue Jays 0
McCoy, M, LF2010200.197
Escobar, Y, SS3000104.264
Bautista, RF4000006.262
Wells, V, CF4010000.270
Overbay, 1B4010021.249
Buck, C4000012.269
Encarnacion, 3B4000001.240
Arencibia, DH3000120.185
McDonald, Jo, 2B4020010.257
Kalish, CF4000014.238
Drew, J, RF4112010.257
Reddick, RF0000000.234
Martinez, V, C4121000.292
Ortiz, D, DH4000011.261
Lowell, 1B4010000.230
Anderson, La, 1B0000000.267
Lowrie, SS4110001.265
Hall, 2B4120000.238
Nava, LF3111002.248
Navarro, Y, 3B2111100.133
TB: McCoy, M; Wells, V; McDonald, Jo 2; Overbay.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Bautista 4.
Team RISP: 1-for-4.
Team LOB: 9.

E: McCoy, M (2, fielding).

2B: Nava (13, Marcum), Hall (12, Marcum).
HR: Martinez, V (18, 4th inning off Marcum, 0 on, 1 out), Drew, J (19, 5th inning off Marcum, 1 on, 1 out).
TB: Lowell; Lowrie; Hall 3; Drew, J 4; Nava 2; Martinez, V 5; Navarro, Y.
RBI: Martinez, V (72), Nava (23), Navarro, Y (4), Drew, J 2 (64).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Kalish 2.
Team RISP: 3-for-6.
Team LOB: 4.

Marcum(L, 12-8)5.19660323.77
Buchholz, T1.00000004.09
Lester(W, 18-8)7.04004403.06
Game Scores: Marcum 29, Lester 69.
IBB: Navarro, Y (by Mills).
Pitches-strikes: Marcum 91-60, Mills 27-15, Buchholz, T 8-7, Lester 112-68, Atchison 15-10, Coello 10-8.
Groundouts-flyouts: Marcum 3-7, Mills 2-2, Buchholz, T 2-1, Lester 9-6, Atchison 1-1, Coello 0-0.
Batters faced: Marcum 25, Mills 6, Buchholz, T 3, Lester 29, Atchison 4, Coello 3.
Inherited runners-scored: Mills 2-0.
Umpires: HP: Greg Gibson. 1B: Brian Knight. 2B: Gerry Davis. 3B: Sam Holbrook.
Weather: 71 degrees, partly cloudy.
Wind: 1 mph, Out to RF.
T: 2:37.
Att: 37,234.
Venue: Fenway Park.
September 19, 2010
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media