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Division Series
American League:
Twins-Yankees, Gm 4
Red Sox-Angels, Gm 3
National League:
Dodgers-Cards, Gm 4
Astros-Braves, Gm 5

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10/11, GAME 5  Astros 12, Braves 3  Wrap >
Astros Gameday Audio
Carlos Beltran hit two homers and his fellow Killer B's joined the hit parade as Houston wins the NLDS.
English KRTH | Spanish KLAT

Play-by-play highlights
 Beltran's two-run single
 Lane's RBI single
 Bagwell's two-run homer
 Biggio's RBI single
 Beltran's second solo shot
 Beltran's first solo homer
 Ensberg's RBI ground out
Braves Gameday Audio
Atlanta couldn't summon another comeback victory as Houston pulled away to close out the NLDS.
English WSB

Play-by-play highlights
 Braves' last out
 Estrada's RBI single
 Estrada's solo homer
 Furcal's solo homer
 Thomas' nice grab
Carlos Beltran (AP)
 Phil Garner talks to McRae after winning Game 5
Astros manager says he is happy for Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio.
 Roy Oswalt talks to McRae about his Game 5 performance
Game 5 starter talks about the battle with the Braves and his pitch count.
 More clips to hear
 McRae talks to Astros owner Drayton McLane
 Bobby Cox talks to the media before Game 5
 Brian McRae previews Game 5 of the NLDS

 Phil Garner talks to the media before Game 5
 Bagwell, Biggio talk about the passing of Ken Caminiti

10/10, GAME 4  Braves 6, Astros 5  Wrap >
Braves Gameday Audio
Atlanta's bullpen outduels Houston to force a return to Turner Field for the series finale.
English WSB

Play-by-play highlights
 Game ends on double play
 Drew's go-ahead RBI single
 LaRoche's three-run homer
 LaRoche's run-scoring double play
 Andruw Jones' RBI single
Astros Gameday Audio
Roger Clemens has a gutsy performance, but the Astros couldn't stop a late Braves rally.
English KTRH | Spanish KLAT

Play-by-play highlights
 Houston's last out of Game 4
 Biggio's three-run homer
 Bagwell's RBI single
 Clemens' RBI sacrifice fly
 Beltran robs Drew on the hill
John Smoltz (Getty)
 LaRoche's postgame comments
Braves first baseman talks about his clutch home run.
 Smoltz's postgame comments
Atlanta's closer talks about pitching in the postseason and his emotions in Game 4.
 More clips to hear
 Cox's postgame comments
 Wright talks about his Game 5 start
 Kevin Gryboski talks to McRae about Game 4
 Bobby Cox talks to the media before Game 4
 McRae talks to Johnny Estrada about Game 4

 Garner's postgame comments
 Lidge talks about not finishing the game
 Kent talks about the loss
 Springer breaks down his outing
 Carl Dukes of KTRH describes the energy in Houston

10/9, GAME 3  Astros 8, Braves 5  Wrap >
Braves Gameday Audio
The Braves cannot hold down the Astros' offense, turning to their 'pen early in the Game 3 loss.
English WSB

Play-by-play highlights
 Estrada's solo blast
 Thomas' leaping grab
Astros Gameday Audio
Brandon Backe pitched well in his first postseason start as the Astros take a 2-1 series lead.
English KTRH | Spanish KLAT

Play-by-play highlights
 Ensberg's two-run double
 Backe whiffs Andruw Jones
 Ensberg's single, scoring Kent
 Beltran's two-run homer
Brandon Backe (AP)
 Beltran's postgame comments
Houston center fielder speaks about his first postseason experience and his home run.
 Backe's postgame comments
Astros Game 3 starter talks about his clutch performance.
 More clips to hear
 Byrd postgame quotes
 Andruw's postgame comments
 Russ Ortiz talks to the media before Game 3
 Cox on Clemens
 GM Schuerholz talks about the Braves' success
 McRae breaks down the NLDS series
 Bowman recaps Game 2 and previews Game 3

 Phil Garner's postgame comments
 Jose Vizcaino talks to McRae about the Game 3 victory
 Clemens on starting Game 4
 Garner on starting Clemens
 McRae talks to Astros hitting coach Gary Gaetti
 Molony says the Astros are glad to be in Houston

10/8, OFF DAY
 Backe on starting in Game 3
Houston hurler discusses his preparation for his Saturday start
 John Thomson gives a health update
Braves' Game 3 starter also discusses his approach for pitching in Houston
 More clips to hear
 Phil Garner looks ahead to Game 3
 Brian McRae talks to Brad Ausmus about the NLDS

 Bobby Cox on playing in Houston
 McRae talks with Braves coach Terry Pendleton

10/7, GAME 2  Braves 4, Astros 2  Wrap >
Astros Gameday Audio
The Astros battled but lost in Game 2 as the Braves tie the series in dramatic fashion.
English KTRH | Spanish KLAT

Play-by-play highlights
 Lidge tags Furcal out
 Chavez goes deep
 Bagwell's solo homer
Braves Gameday Audio
The Braves take Game 2 on Rafael Furcal's walk-off homer in the 11th inning.
English WSB

Play-by-play highlights
 Furcal's walk-off homer
 LaRoche's RBI double
 Furcal's RBI single
Rafael Furcal (AP)
 Cox's postgame press conference
Braves manager talks about the Game 2 win and the phone situation.
 Garner on Game 2
Astros manager talks about his bullpen and the tough loss in Game 2.
 More clips to hear
 Roy Oswalt talks to the media after the Game 2 loss
 Lidge on his extended outing
 Brian McRae talks to Phil Garner before Game 2
 Jeff Bagwell talks to the media before Game 2
 Brian McRae says Game 2 is a must win for Atlanta

 Furcal talks about his walk-off homer
 Alfonseca talks to McRae about his Game 2 victory
 Cox updates the media on his ballclub's health
 McRae talks to Braves broadcaster Don Sutton
 John Smoltz talks to the media about Roy Oswalt

10/6, GAME 1:  Astros 9, Braves 3  Wrap >
Astros Gameday Audio
Houston's four homers back a gutsy Roger Clemens effort in the Astros' NLDS win
English KTRH | Spanish KLAT

Play-by-play highlights
 Berkman's homer
 Beltran's two-run blast
 Kent's RBI double
 Ausmus' solo homer
 Bagwell's RBI double
Braves Gameday Audio
Jaret Wright and the Braves drop Game 1 to power-hitting Astros.
English WSB

Play-by-play highlights
 Braves' last out
 Giles drives in a run
 Andruw Jones' solo shot
 Estrada's sacrifice fly
 Giles makes a diving stop
Phil Garner (Chris O'Meara/AP)
 Clemens postgame
Astros Game 1 starter talks about his performance and his team's clutch hitting.
 Wright postgame
Braves Game 1 starter Jaret Wright talks about losing the game.
 More clips to hear
 Garner on Game 2
 McRae talks to Beltran after Game 1
 Phil Garner talks to the media before Game 1

 Bobby Cox's postgame comments
 Bobby Cox talks to the media before Game 1
 McRae gets the scoop from ESPN's Jayson Stark

 Jaret Wright talks to the media during the workout day prior to Game 1
The Braves' Game 1 starter talks about pitching for the Astros and getting ready for the playoffs.
 Clemens on his health
The Astros right-hander speaks about how he feels physically and his playoff expectations.
 More clips to hear
 Bobby Cox talks about injuries and facing Clemens
 Marcus Giles talks about facing the Houston Astros
 Johnny Estrada talks about his first postseason
 Braves clinch the division title

 Garner on rally
 McLane on his team's hot streak
 Astros record final out, clinch playoff spot
 Bill Brown on the Astros' turnaround