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2008 Minor League Call-Up Umpires

The following Minor League umpires will work at the 2008 Major League Spring Training and can be called up for Major League duty during the season if needed:

87Barry, Scott
62Beal, Damien
84Campos, Angel
86Causey, Kevin
90Colón, Delfin
93Dowdy, Adam
82Drake, Rob
83Estabrook, Mike
75Fairchild, Chad
89Griffith, Chris
68Guccione, Chris
92Hoye, James
80Johnson, Adrian
91Knight, Brian
73Moser, Casey
76Muchlinski, Mike
94Rakos, Shawn
74Reininger, Travis
70Reyburn, D.J.
85Thompson, R.J.
97Tichenor, Todd
81Tiller, Chris

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