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Hot Stove Report Hot Stove Tracker
 Player  Position  Former Team  New Team  Transaction date  Notes
1.    Cabrera, Orlando  SS  LAA  CWS  11/17/07  Traded for Jon Garland
2.    Colon, Bartolo  SP  LAA  BOS  2/24/08  Minor league contract
3.    Jones, Greg  RP  LAA  LAD  12/12/07  Spring Training invitee
4.    Callaspo, Alberto  IF  ARI  KC  12/14/07  Acquired for Billy Buckner
5.    Choate, Randy  RP  ARI  MIL  11/13/07  One-year contract
6.    Cirillo, Jeff  3B  ARI  ---  ---  ---
7.    Clark, Tony  1B  ARI  SD  2/13/08  One-year contract
8.    Eveland, Dana  RP  ARI  OAK  12/14/07  Traded with Brett Anderson, Chris Carter, Aaron Cunningham, Carlos Gonzalez and Greg Smith for Dan Haren and Connor Robertson
9.    Hernandez, Livan  SP  ARI  MIN  2/25/08  One-year contract
10.    Quentin, Carlos  OF  ARI  CWS  12/03/07  Traded for Chris Carter
11.    Valverde, Jose  RP  ARI  HOU  12/14/07  Traded for Chris Burke, J.C. Gutierrez and Chad Qualls
12.    Wickman, Bob  RP  ARI  ---  ---  ---
13.    Ascanio, Jose  RP  ATL  CHC  12/04/07  Traded for Omar Infante and Will Ohman
14.    Cormier, Lance  SP  ATL  BAL  1/29/08  Minor league contract
15.    Cormier, Rheal  RP  ATL  ---  ---  Minor League free agent
16.    Dotel, Octavio  RP  ATL  CWS  1/22/08  Two-year contract
17.    Franco, Julio  1B  ATL  ---  ---  ---
18.    Harris, Willie  OF  ATL  WSH  2/23/08  One-year contract
19.    Jones, Andruw  OF  ATL  LAD  12/12/07  Two-year contract
20.    Orr, Pete  IF  ATL  WSH  1/10/08  Minor league contract
21.    Paronto, Chad  RP  ATL  HOU  12/18/07  One-year contract
22.    Renteria, Edgar  SS  ATL  DET  10/29/07  Traded for Gorkys Hernandez and Jair Jurrjens
23.    Woodward, Chris  IF  ATL  NYY  1/24/08  Minor league contract
24.    Bako, Paul  C  BAL  CIN  2/04/08  Minor league contract
25.    Bedard, Erik  SP  BAL  SEA  2/08/08  Traded for Adam Jones, Kam Mickolio, George Sherrill, Chris Tillman and Tony Butler
26.    Bell, Rob  RP  BAL  WSH  2/05/08  Spring training invitee
27.    Castillo, Alberto  C  BAL  HOU  2/14/08  Spring training invitee
28.    House, J.R.  C  BAL  HOU  1/17/08  Minor league contract
29.    Shuey, Paul  RP  BAL  ---  ---  Minor League free agent
30.    Tejada, Miguel  SS  BAL  HOU  12/12/07  Traded for Matt Albers, Mike Costanzo, Troy Patton, Dennis Sarfate and Luke Scott
31.    Wright, Jaret  SP  BAL  PIT  1/23/08  Minor League contract
32.    Cash, Kevin  C  BOS  BOS  11/15/07  Minor league contract
33.    Clayton, Royce  SS  BOS  ---  ---  Filed after being DFA'd
34.    Donnelly, Brendan  RP  BOS  CLE  2/07/08  Minor league contract
35.    Hinske, Eric  1B  BOS  TB  2/06/08  Minor league contract
36.    Kielty, Bobby  OF  BOS  BOS  2/08/08  Minor league contract
37.    Lowell, Mike  3B  BOS  BOS  11/19/07  Re-signed to three-year contract
38.    Mirabelli, Doug  C  BOS  BOS  1/11/08  One-year contract - Released during spring training
39.    Schilling, Curt  SP  BOS  BOS  11/06/07  One-year contract
40.    Tavarez, Julian  RP  BOS  BOS  11/02/07  Club option exercised
41.    Timlin, Mike  RP  BOS  BOS  12/07/07  One-year contract
42.    Wakefield, Tim  SP  BOS  BOS  11/02/07  Club option exercised
43.    Aardsma, David  RP  CWS  BOS  1/22/08  Traded for Miguel Socolovich and Willy Mota
44.    Cintron, Alex  IF  CWS  CHC  2/21/08  Minor league contract - Released at end of spring training
45.    Garland, Jon  SP  CWS  LAA  11/17/07  Traded for Orlando Cabrera
46.    Myers, Mike  RP  CWS  LAD  1/25/08  Spring training invitee
47.    Podsednik, Scott  OF  CWS  COL  2/17/08  Minor league contract - Released at the end of spring training
48.    Sweeney, Ryan  OF  CWS  OAK  1/03/08  Traded with Fautino De Los Santos and Gio Gonzalez for Nick Swisher
49.    Kobayashi, Masa  RP  ---  CLE  11/17/07  Two years with a club option for 2010
50.    Yabuta, Yasuhiko  RP  ---  KC  11/29/07  Two years with a club option for 2010
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