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210Hodsdon, ScottAzusa Pacific URHPR/R6'02"1951985-05-31SR400K
74Desme, GregoryCal Poly San Luis ObispoRFR/R6'02"2051986-04-04JR400K
Comments: Desme was a college bat on the rise before a broken wrist ended his season early. It's not expected that his injury will have a huge impact on his draft status. A five-tool player, he could be one of the better college position players in the draft, especially considering the dearth of college offensive talent in this class.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1409Klein, AdamCal St Los AngelesOFL/L5'11"1851983-08-215S
1214Magnante, DanielCampbell HallCR/R6'00"1701988-11-22HS
988Collins, BryanCentral Missouri St URHPR/R6'01"2101984-09-10JR
1187Widmann, StanClemson USSR/R6'01"1901985-08-25JR
780West, JareckDelta St UCFR/R5'10"2051985-04-30JR
390Brown, GaryDiamond Bar HSCFR/R6'00"1701988-09-28HS400K
Comments: Brown was on the rise this season as perhaps the fastest player in the draft class. Those who see a speed-only right-handed hitter may be underestimating him as he has surprising strength and more power than you'd think by looking at him.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1103Abbott, TrentFullerton ColRHPL/R6'00"1801987-10-09J1
630Wentzell, DanielGeorge Fox URFL/L6'03"2001985-05-16SR
1131Longmire, NicholasGrossmont HSOFR/R6'03"1801989-01-05HS
540Hunt, StephenJesuit HSLHPL/L5'11"1901989-01-11HS
810Streich, TobiasJohnsonburg HSCR/R6'00" 1988-04-05HS
1343Wise, JeremyLouisiana St U3BR/R6'01"2051986-06-02SO
1366Bernatz, ConnerMater Dei HSCFR/R6'02"1701989-08-17HS
570Ray, MattMiddle Tennessee St USSS/R5'09"1901984-01-28SR
1075Hudson, HerbertMt San Jacinto JCOFR/R5'11"1701985-09-13J2
1430Bowman, JoshuaNortheast Senior HSRHPR/R6'02"1951988-09-09HS
1266Johnston, JonathanNo SchoolCL/R5'11"1851984-02-13NS
59Brown, CoreyOklahoma St URFL/L6'02" 1985-11-26JR400K
420Friend, JustinOklahoma St URHPR/R6'01"2051986-06-21JR400K
1451Hagen, StephenPeninsula HS3BR/R6'01"1951988-10-26HS400K
360Richard, MichaelPrairie View A&M USSR/R5'10"1751984-08-20SR
750Rodriguez, RaymondPuerto Rico BB Academy HSRFR/R6'02"1911989-08-11HS400K
1046Tacker, NathanRice URHPR/R6'02"1951984-02-025S
1388Blair, SethRock Falls HSRHPR/R6'02" 1989-03-03HS400K
959Gomez, RosalioRockford ColLHPS/L6'00"1901984-08-27JR
240Sewell, LanceSan Diego St ULHPL/L6'03"2051986-06-17JR400K
1159Rath, KevinSilverado HSLHPL/L6'05"2401989-08-18HS
510Lysander, BrentSonoma St URHPR/R6'07"2151985-04-05JR
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