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1103Abbott, TrentFullerton ColRHPL/R6'00"1801987-10-09J1
300Berger, EricU ArizonaLHPL/L6'01"1951986-04-22SO
59Brown, CoreyOklahoma St URFL/L6'02" 1985-11-26JR400K
41Doolittle, SeanU Virginia1BL/L6'03"1901986-09-26JR400K
Comments: Doolittle has excellent hitting skills and should hit well for average as a pro. An athletic first baseman with good hands, his draft status may depend on how much power scouts think he will hit for at the next level. He's a safe, solid draft pick who should have a big-league future. He was a two-way player at Virginia, but most scouts see him as a hitter and not a pitcher.
Enhanced Scouting Report
840Frash, JustinU Hawaii3BL/R5'10"1901984-04-26SR
90Horton, JoshuaUNC Chapel HillSSL/R6'01"1951986-02-19JR400K
Comments: Horton is a nice college shortstop with excellent bat control and the ability to make good consistent contact. He can run a little bit and does a nice job catching the ball in the field. It's uncertain whether it's a package that will be enough to make him an everyday shortstop, but worst-case, he makes for a very good utility guy.
Enhanced Scouting Report
540Hunt, StephenJesuit HSLHPL/L5'11"1901989-01-11HS
690Jenkins, AaronU Northern IowaLHPL/L5'08"1801984-11-14JR
1266Johnston, JonathanNo SchoolCL/R5'11"1851984-02-13NS
1409Klein, AdamCal St Los AngelesOFL/L5'11"1851983-08-215S
600Napoleon, MichaelU IowaCL/R6'02"2081986-05-21JR
1159Rath, KevinSilverado HSLHPL/L6'05"2401989-08-18HS
270Schlereth, DanielU ArizonaLHPL/L6'00"2101986-05-09JR400K
Comments: Schlereth was a college lefty reliever who was on the rise before a rib or oblique injury knocked him out of action. He profiles as a setup guy or middle reliever. If he could become more efficient with his pitches, he has the stuff to start, but he hasn't done that to date. He'll have to return to health before the draft if he wants the buzz to return.
Enhanced Scouting Report
240Sewell, LanceSan Diego St ULHPL/L6'03"2051986-06-17JR400K
630Wentzell, DanielGeorge Fox URFL/L6'03"2001985-05-16SR
1240Wernke, JamesTroy HSLHPL/L6'02"1751988-08-05HS
150Banwart, TravisWichita St URHPR/R6'03"2001986-02-14JR400K
1318Barrone, BenWinona St UCR/R6'01"2101984-11-07SR
1366Bernatz, ConnerMater Dei HSCFR/R6'02"1701989-08-17HS
1388Blair, SethRock Falls HSRHPR/R6'02" 1989-03-03HS400K
1430Bowman, JoshuaNortheast Senior HSRHPR/R6'02"1951988-09-09HS
390Brown, GaryDiamond Bar HSCFR/R6'00"1701988-09-28HS400K
Comments: Brown was on the rise this season as perhaps the fastest player in the draft class. Those who see a speed-only right-handed hitter may be underestimating him as he has surprising strength and more power than you'd think by looking at him.
Enhanced Scouting Report
180Carignan, GaryUNC Chapel HillRHPR/R5'11" 1986-07-23JR400K
Comments: Despite only having one average, or above-average pitch, Carignan has gotten excellent results as North Carolina's closer. Arm strength alone won't get you to the big leagues, so Carignan will have to improve his secondary offerings if he wants a chance at a big-league bullpen job down the line.
Enhanced Scouting Report
988Collins, BryanCentral Missouri St URHPR/R6'01"2101984-09-10JR
900Cowgill, CollinU KentuckyRFR/L5'09" 1986-05-22JR400K
120Demel, SamuelTexas Christian URHPR/R6'00"2101985-10-23JR400K
Comments: Demel's been a starter and reliever in his career, but it seems almost definite his future will be in the bullpen. With a fastball in the mid-90s, a slider that can be a plus pitch and a changeup that has a split-finger type action to it, he's got the stuff to get to the big leagues quickly, albeit with a maximum effort delivery. He could be a setup guy in a bullpen sooner rather than later.
Enhanced Scouting Report
74Desme, GregoryCal Poly San Luis ObispoRFR/R6'02"2051986-04-04JR400K
Comments: Desme was a college bat on the rise before a broken wrist ended his season early. It's not expected that his injury will have a huge impact on his draft status. A five-tool player, he could be one of the better college position players in the draft, especially considering the dearth of college offensive talent in this class.
Enhanced Scouting Report
420Friend, JustinOklahoma St URHPR/R6'01"2051986-06-21JR400K
1451Hagen, StephenPeninsula HS3BR/R6'01"1951988-10-26HS400K
330Hamblin, DanielU Arkansas Fayetteville1BR/R6'01"2101985-02-10SR400K
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