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Behind Urban 'Red' Faber's three victories, the White Sox defeat the New York Giants, four games to two, in the 1917 World Series. During the regular season, Eddie Cicotte led the White Sox with 28 victories and a 1.53 ERA and Oscar "Happy" Felsch led the offensive attack with a team-high 6 HR and 102 RBI.
1900  - One year after the American League was christened in Chicago, the rumor of the St. Paul franchise in the Western League moving to Chicago became a reality. Playing as a Chicago baseball team for the first time, the White Stockings defeated the University of Illinois, 10-9, in Champaign.
1901  - On January 29, 1901, the American League drafted a 140-game schedule and declared itself to be a second Major League after the league's one-year agreement with the National League expired. The White Sox defeated Cleveland, 8-2, in the first "official" American League game on April 22.
1906  - The White Sox captured the league crown in 1906 when a group of "Hitless Wonders" pulled out a miracle. The team batted .230 that season (with only seven home runs) and struggled through July, but pulled back into the race with unbelievable pitching (2.13 team ERA) and a will to win. The White Sox win the 1906 World Series by defeating the Cubs, four game to two, in the only all-Chicago Fall Classic. more >
1910  - Comiskey Park opens on July 1 to a packed house but the Sox lose to St. Louis, 2-0. The new stadium replaced the 39th Street Grounds, home of the White Sox from 1900-10.
1917  - Charles Comiskey looked to the West for his third-base "missing link," as he had so often in the past. The Old Roman located his man playing for the Vernon club of the PCL. The final piece of the Black Sox puzzle was in place with the arrival of Charles "Swede" Risberg. more >
1919  - When the Reds defeated the heavily favored White Sox, five games to three, the floodgates opened. Word spread that gamblers allegedly had talked White Sox players into "fixing" the World Series in exchange for cash. Eight members of the Sox were charged in 1920 with conspiring to fix the outcome of the World Series. more >
1922  - On April 30, Rookie pitcher Charlie Robertson hurled the only perfect game recorded in White Sox history. Tiger players believed that Robertson, a mediocre pitcher at best, was doctoring the ball with an illegal substance. Ty Cobb personally inspected every inch of Robertson's uniform but could not find any trace of grease or any other foreign matter.
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