Posted 5/23/14 at 4:42 PM

Guy makes bare-hand grab on foul ball that ruined someone's nachos

Catching a foul ball at a Major League Baseball game is an impressive enough feat, but when there are snacks involved ...

Nachos stuck together

One hungry baseball fan braved the lines and crowds between innings in a quest for delicious nachos (or, ya know, just pushed some buttons on a fancy space phone and had someone deliver).

Either way, energy and money were spent in an effort to quell the tummy rumblings, but all of that was for naught thanks to a foul ball bouncing down the first-base line.

The ball careened up into the stands just far enough to crush those delicious nachos. One man's trash is another man's cheesy treasure, though, because this attentive fan reached out and snagged the ball straight out of the food.


It's not as impressive as last year's reigning Nacho Catch Champion ...

Nacho Catch 2013

But a new year means a new title holder and this young man has stolen the crown. *Watch the Throne joke goes here*

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