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Red Sox fans reach 700th consecutive sell-out at Fenway Park
09/02/2011 9:15 PM ET
BOSTON -- With a sell-out in this evening's game against the Texas Rangers, the fans of Red Sox Nation have achieved 700 consecutive regular season game sell-outs at Fenway Park, extending their record of most consecutive sell-outs in baseball history.

The previous Major League Baseball record of 455, set by the Cleveland Indians between 1995-2001, was surpassed by Red Sox fans on September 8, 2008. The record streak began on May 15, 2003, in the second year of this ownership group.

"Reaching 700 consecutive sell-outs is a lesson for us all to never underestimate what the passion of Red Sox Nation can achieve," said John Henry, Principal Owner. "Our fans have demonstrated unwavering loyalty and support from the stands at Fenway Park every day of the regular season for more than eight years, and everyone in the organization is grateful for their steadfast dedication."

"It is a number that at one time might have been considered unattainable, but our fans proved that 700 sell-outs was a possible milestone to reach. It is a testament to the dedication they have for the game, for the team, and for the ballpark," said Tom Werner, Chairman. "As stewards of this franchise, we will continue to work hard to earn the support of our fan base, which is something we will never take for granted."

"Red Sox Nation gives our players and coaches a distinct competitive advantage in home games by creating a sell-out atmosphere unmatched in any other ballpark," said Larry Lucchino, President/CEO. "We are grateful for their knowledge, their passion, and their love of the Red Sox and for the game of baseball."

The Red Sox players and coaches recognized the fans of Red Sox Nation for their significant accomplishment during the 5th inning by coming out of the dugout and tipping their caps to the crowd. A video fan tribute produced by Red Sox Video Productions was also played on the videoboard between the 5th and 6th innings. Each fan will receive a special 700th game commemorative baseball as they exit the ballpark after the game. The team also gave fans commemorative baseballs when they reached the 500th consecutive sell-out mark on June 17, 2009, and the 600th consecutive sell-out mark on July 18, 2010.

No. Team Years
700* Boston Red Sox 2003-2011
455 Cleveland Indians 1995-2001
203 Colorado Rockies 1995-1997
* Active streak

No. Team Years
744 Portland Trailblazers (NBA) 1977-1995
700 Boston Red Sox (MLB) 2003-2011
407 Colorado Avalanche (NHL) 1995-2006
* Active streak

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