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Red Sox name September additions
09/01/2007 1:30 AM ET
BOSTON -- It was an eerie Friday night in Boston; fastballs homed in on Kevin Youkilis, J.D. Drew ripped a ball off his foot, Coco Crisp absorbed a linebacker's hit from the center-field wall and Dustin Pedroia rolled his wrist.

Tim Wakefield joined Manny Ramirez on the shelf, and Drew's injury forced Red Sox manager Terry Francona to yank back-addled outfielder Bobby Kielty back into active duty.

Thank goodness for September.

When active rosters expand to 40 players on Saturday, the Red Sox will call up Clay Buchholz to fill the gap left in the rotation by Wakefield's injury. He will start Saturday against Baltimore's Garrett Olson.

Boston will also call up Jacoby Ellsbury and Brandon Moss to relieve an outfield stretched thin; they'll call up former Toronto Blue Jay Royce Clayton to deepen the middle infield; and they'll call up 33-year-old journeyman Bryan Corey to fortify a relief corps that got plenty of work on Friday.

Meanwhile on Friday, the Red Sox used every position player they had. With an injury in the outfield, they would have had to move a career infielder like Julio Lugo or Alex Cora there.

"But, you know, tomorrow's Sept. 1, so we can bring up some guys and get some depth," third baseman Mike Lowell said Friday. "And more importantly, hopefully we can get the guys that are hurt back in the lineup. We need our regulars healthy."

After the game, Francona disclosed the results of the MRI on Ramirez's oblique muscle.

"Any time you lose Manny, I wouldn't say the news is good," Francona said. "But as far as the MRI goes, it was positive. ... The amount of fluid [in the area] is, I think, a good sign [that] we lose him for less time rather than a lot of time."

The team does not yet know whether the recovery will take a few days or as many as two weeks. Still, with 40-man active rosters, the Red Sox won't have to make any rash roster decisions there.

Eric Hinske, who was trained as a corner infielder and has had to play left field in Ramirez's absence, summed up the situation by praising the calendar.

"We're lucky it's September right now," he said.

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