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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to some frequently asked questions about Suites and Premium Hospitality Options at Fenway Park.

How do I go about ordering food and beverage for my suite?
We will provide you with a customizable catering menu which is to be faxed or emailed directly to Aramark.
Can suite holders bring their own food and beverage into the suite?
No. Aramark is the exclusive food and beverage provider for all suites. Food and beverage arrangements must be coordinated through Aramark.
The Legends Suite package comes with 20 suite tickets and 4 monster seat tickets. Does that mean I can bring 24 guests into the Legends suite?
No. The Legends package is for a maximum of 20 guests. The 4 additional tickets are to be used within your group for guests to rotate to and from the green monster seats throughout the game.
If I have a suite ticket, where can I enter Fenway Park?
Gate D on the corner of Yawkey Way and Van Ness Street. Elevators just inside Gate D will take guests to the appropriate suite level.
How early do the suites open and how long after the game ends can I stay?
Suites open along with the Fenway Park gates two hours before game time. All guests must exit the suite within 30 minutes of games end.
Can I buy extra suite tickets?
Extra suite tickets can be purchased for Pavilion Suites only. You'll be able to purchase up to four additional Pavilion Suite tickets if needed. All extra suite ticket orders must be received within 48 hours of the scheduled game.
What about rainouts?
We are pleased to offer Rain Out Insurance (ROI) as a new optional benefit for any of our premium rental packages. ROI will enable purchasers the option of being refunded in full should a game be postponed due to rain. Please e-mail for more information on ROI.