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Law Enforcement Night

The Boston Red Sox have teamed up with the Federal Law Enforcement Officer's Association to show our appreciation for the men and women of Red Sox Nation who serve as law enforcement officers and first responders. Your 2015 Boston Red Sox and FLEOA invite you, your friends, family and colleagues to join us for Law Enforcement Appreciation Night at Fenway Park on Monday, July 27th. $5 from every ticket sold will be donated to FLEOA.

For Groups of 20 or more please contact Carl Grider at 617-226-6828 or

Monday, July 27 White Sox vs. Red Sox 7:10 p.m. ET
Vote for the K-9 Hero of 2014

Prior to the game on July 27th, the Red Sox will honor the 6 K-9 heroes of 2014 and have set up a voting system for you to help determine the 2014 K-9 Hero of the year. Please read the bio's below and vote on who you think should be the winner. You can vote once per day.


(A) Daisy Mae and Deputy Sheriff Keith MacKenzie

On June 3, 2014, K-9 Daisy Mae and handler Deputy Sheriff Keith MacKenzie of the Strafford County, NH Sheriff's Office were called by Maine State Police to track a male suspect in a homicide in St. Francis, ME. After tracking the suspect for 3 miles up a mountain in very rugged terrain, K-9 Daisy Mae alerted to the suspect pointing a rifle at them. The subject was ordered to drop the rifle, which he, did and Maine State Troopers took him into custody, ending the incident.

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(B) Diesel and EPO Artie O'Connell

On July 24, 2014, K-9 Diesel and handler EPO Artie O'Connell of the Massachusetts Environmental Police conducted a very difficult search in Douglas State Forest in MA for two lost 10 and 12 year old girls. After 1 hour of tracking 4-6 miles in very thick vegetation and a previously contaminated area from other K-9 units, the girls were located and reunited with their families.

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(C) Norwalk, CT Police Department

On July 8, 2014, the Norwalk, CT Police Department called into service 3 of their K-9 units and handlers to apprehend 3 suspects who had just beaten and robbed a man and women at an ATM. Police Officers, Montanez, Kruger and Peterson and their K-9 units Kai, Rainor and Kimbo were dispatched. During the tense encounter which involved constantly changing officer contact & cover scenario's, K-9's Kai and Kimbo were assaulted while taking into custody of two of the suspects. Two of the three suspects were apprehended and even though deadly force could have been deployed it wasn't. An example of exceptional teamwork by the K-9 units and handlers.

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(D) Sig and Conservation Officer Mark Hensel

On August 20, 2014, New Hampshire Fish & Game Department K-9 Sig and his handler, Conservation Officer Mark Hensel were called to assist with the search of juvenile in Rumney, NH. A young boy became separated from his grandfather during a hike and he spent the next several hours in the woods. As darkness fell and after several other K-9 units had already searched the area, K-9 Sig successfully established a track and through a heavily wooded area previously contaminated by other K-9's located the boy hiding in his residence.

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(E) Viper and Police Officer Jason Luneau

On December 24, 2014, Morristown, Vermont Police Department K-9 Viper and his handler, Police Officer Jason Luneau responded to a report of a missing young girl, her mother and their dog. The weather at the time was steady rain and temperatures in the mid 30's. K-9 viper tracked the individuals 1.65 miles through the deep Vermont woods in freezing temperatures. K-9 Viper and Officer Luneau heard the hysterical calls for help from the mother. The mother told Officer Luneau when it got dark, she decided to stay in one spot and wait for rescue personnel. They received medical attention and were released.

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(F) Jett and Police Officer Thomas Lazure

On July 31, 2014, West Hartford, Connecticut Police Department K-9 Jett and his handler, Police Officer Thomas Lazure responded to the scene of an attempted carjacking where a suspect had fired several shots at an individual. While enroute to the scene, the car jack suspect fired a weapon at a Hartford, CT Police Officer and the gun malfunctioned. K-9 Jett was deployed with the Hartford SWAT team to track the subject. K-9 Jett established an air scent and located the subject in an unlit residential backyard. Knowing the suspect had already fired his weapon at a Hartford Police Officer, Police Officer Tom Lazure had seconds to decide if he should release K-9 Jett to apprehend the suspect. The suspect was combative with K-9 Jett but was ultimately taken into custody.

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