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Presented by Your Call Football

We are excited to have Your Call Football (YCF), an interactive technology company that puts fans in control of live football games, as the title sponsor of the Fenway Gridiron Series.

Your Call Football debuts this spring -- a fan play-calling competition where you call the plays that directly impact live football games. Right from your phone. Just download the app, call the plays, and watch the action unfold live on your TV. You win (or lose) as a result of each play call, as you try to prove you're the smartest play caller by outsmarting the defense (and all the other YCF participants).

The Your Call Football platform will not have any in-game activation during the Fenway Gridiron Series, but select fans will be able to demo the technology in the Royal Rooters Club.

YCF's fan play-calling competition debuts spring of 2018 with three games.


How it Works:

  • Download the Your Call Football App for FREE to call plays live and earn points.
  • Watch the fan-selected play run in real-time during a professional YCF game.
  • Compete for over $20,000 in total cash prizes over three action-packed weeks.



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